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What is Electric Bike Rental?

Electric bike rentals could be an excellent option for cyclists who can’t afford an electric bike yet or for those who want to try without making a commitment.  Ebikes are gaining in popularity, but they have a hefty price tag.  Electric bike rentals allow the user to have the experience without worrying about the funds.

Electric Bike Popularity

What’s so great about electric bikes anyway?  Why should you even consider electric bike rental?

  • Electric bikes are much better for the environment than taxis and cars
  • Ebikes are a fun hobby that can help you achieve better health
  • Electric bikes are a safer alternative to motorcycles
  • Having a hobby that improves your health can also boost your mood

Why Should I Rent an Electric Bike?

Now that you know the benefits of an electric bike, the question is why you should consider electric bike rental.  We’ve already covered that it is a cheaper option and suitable for those who want a test drive.  Still, there are other benefits to electric bike rental.

  • There are more and more bike rentals popping up all over the country, so this is something you may be able to do frequently.
  • Electric bike rental could lead you to a new hobby where you will eventually purchase your own
  • Electric bikes could be cheaper than renting a car during a trip.

An Investment for Your Future

Electric bikes are slowly becoming the transportation of the future.  They are a fast and environment-friendly way to get around.  If you like to be ahead of the curve, this could be a beneficial investment for your future.

There are also many different types of styles of ebikes that can suit everyone’s needs.  They are not a one size fits all investment.  You would be getting your money’s worth by renting and deciding what type is best for you before buying.  Some of these types include:

  • Chopper: Gives an experience closer to a motorcycle
  • Road: Works well in busy cities
  • Mountain: Good for trails and dirt roads
  • Scooter: Good for lighter use


Electric bikes are gaining so much popularity that potential future libraries for ebikes could be a thing.   As you can see, this is not a flash-in-the-pan trend that will disappear anytime soon.  Electric bikes have the potential to bring positive changes to the world.


Author Bio-

Oren Sabag is an entrepreneur with 21 years of retail/wholesale experience. He now runs Bone Shaker Electric Bikes in Venice and Santa Monica. He also founded one of the first startups in the world that provided financial services to migrant workers via a mobile platform, Neema.