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What Should You Not Wear While Pregnant?

Your body drastically changes when you are pregnant, and one essential consideration is to feel comfortable. You will soon not fit into your old clothes, hence you will need a maternity wardrobe change that accommodates your growing bump.

Below are some clothing items that are not ideal while pregnant.

Tight Clothes

A general maternity clothing rule when pregnant is to avoid tight-fitting outfits. This is because they are too uncomfortable when snug around the waist. Such clothes include women’s motorcycle jackets among others.

If your clothes are too tight around the torso, you may limit blood flow in the belly and generally restrict free movement when you want to exercise. This may result in rashes due to the rubbing against your skin, fatigue, and other complications.

Leather and Jeans

You may have an urge to look stylish as you flaunt your baby bump. Sadly, some pre-pregnancy clothes are unsuitable for maternity wear despite being fashionable. This rule applies to leather and jeans, particularly the tight versions without adjustments for the bump.

Raging hormones may cause excessive sweating, and wearing unbreathable leather and restrictive jeans may not be ideal. Such fabrics trap heat since air cannot easily circulate, making them uncomfortable. You can opt for airy maternity clothes that are stretchy and perfect for light exercise.

Unnatural Fabrics

The clothing material is also an important consideration when choosing maternity clothing. Typically, you would play around with figure-hugging trendy fabrics, but now your body is changing and should have more room to expand.

The best maternity clothing choices should be natural options like cotton and linens. They feel fantastic on the skin and are breathable if hormonal changes make you sweat. In contrast, synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are too restrictive and unsuitable for maternity wear.

Inappropriate Clothes for the Weather

Many pregnant women don’t like flaunting their bumps, and others cover up in layers and heavy sweaters. It means that they will dress the same even under extreme summer or spring heat, which is not safe for their health or the baby.

You can get too hot if you add unnecessary clothing layers, although it works for winter or rainy days. On the other hand, it is best to cover up more when it is too cold to avoid getting sick since your immunity is drastically dropping.

High Heels

If you are a fan of heels, you may need to take a break. These pose severe dangers to your baby if you slip, now that your chances of falling increase due to the changes in the centre of gravity.

You become less steady and should avoid them at all costs. Flats are more comfortable and safer to wear as there is no risk of falling. Besides, they are more preferred since they are flexible in case of foot swelling.

What Should You Wear?

Now that you know what not to wear, it gives you a glimpse of better maternity clothing options. They should be properly fitting, not too restrictive, and uncomfortable.

The material should also be breathable and stretchy to accommodate your ever-growing body. Lastly, remember to dress appropriately according to the weather.