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The Line: A Wonderous Utopia.

As a staggering region in Saudi Arabia, The Line is an unprecedented construction operation. The project began earlier this year, with the ambition to create an entire city on a linear structure. The futuristic city is set to be the epitome of accessibility and leisure, whilst also encompassing ultramodern and economic experimentation in business and technology.  

The vision is brought to life by NEOM, a northwestern area in Saudi Arabia. As the region’s brainchild, The Line is part of a mammoth project that hopes to incorporate smart city technology and is the spearhead of the Saudi Vision 2030. This particular plan is an economic and social reform blueprint to accelerate Saudi Arabia’s awareness to the world. Thus, The Line is not only a wonder to be held by the international gaze, domestically, it is reported to generate nearly half a million jobs and add a staggering $48 billion to Saudi’s GDP. However, such advancements come at no small cost, as the entire project is forecasted to be a $500 billion operation. The design and functionality of the city is a demonstration of the resources and technology that Saudi Arabia has access to, as it will accommodate nine million people. It is therefore conducive that it “puts humans first”, as its residents “health and well-being will be prioritised over transportation and infrastructure”, making The Line a city for its people more than anything else. 

Its linear design is clearly unlike anything ever witnessed in the construction industry, utilising complex methodology and technology to achieve such a feat. Precise engineering must be used as the entire city is to be only 200 meters wide, but 170 km long, and an impressive 5000 meters above sea level. And yet, you may wonder how such a large city will function? The city is designed in such a way that everything is easily accessible and walkable, “having access to facilities no matter where you are”. The only transportation available is a single high-speed rail, with a transit of just 20 minutes. Surprisingly, the lack of infrastructure in the city is regarded as a unique positive of the region, as it places human needs above infrastructure and industry.  

Technology aside, The Line will further contrast many traditional cities, due to its abundance of nature that is a product of its inspired and technical planning. Residents shall find pleasure in the fact that flourishing and green open spaces shall be a two-minute stroll, regardless of where you are, as they are to be suspended on multiple levels across the city. The natural landscapes will not be limited to parks and nature reserves, but mountains and lakes that are supposedly achievable due to the reduced infrastructure footprint.   

Heralded as “the future of urban living”, it is completely zero carbon. Such an unprecedented task will functional entirely on renewable energy, with no cars, roads, or CO2 emissions. The integration of sizeable open spaces will also contribute to the cities overall clean energy. In a world where countries are trying to reduce their environmental impacts by single percentages, the work of The Line is certainly something to note. Perhaps the most impressive feature, however, is the maintaining of the perfect climate all year round. The construction of “microclimatic spaces” means that there will be a perfect balance of sunlight, shade, and natural ventilation. Such impressive forecasts means that its design allows for the parks to be sustained, and creates the perfect lifestyle for the both the blossoming of nature and The Line’s inhabitants.  

As previously mentioned, The Line is an integral part of the NEOM area, consisting of four regions that create the future of urban living. Each region acts as a vital component to create an Edenic world. For example, Trojena is labelled as the “mountains of NEOM”, and will be the best place for experiences and leisure, bolstered by its year-round mountain space. Additionally, the aptly named Oxagon is an area of harmonious co-existence between technology, industry and nature, a triad that many businesses contend with across the world.  

Overall, we can’t wait to see how transformative The Line will be in the international construction and town planning industry. Not only is it capable of housing the population of London is just five kilometers, it is meticulously designed to create the optimum conditions for urban growth in an environmentally conscious way. Thus, creating a man-made marvel of the world.