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What can you learn from travelling to different places?

Travelling to another country, meeting new people and immersing yourself in a completely different culture can be a life-changing experience. It exposes you to things you may never have come across before and sparks brilliant conversations with others. Some even embark on new ventures after being inspired by an activity or observation while away. In the UK, an average of 1.3 holidays per person were taken between September 2021 and August 2022, proving that travelling isn’t something we Brits shy away from. But what exactly can we gain from travelling to new places? Here are a few examples.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Plunging yourself into an entirely different culture can help to flip your perspective on day-to-day life. You can meet new people and through a series of conversations, pick up discussions you might want to bring back into your circle at home. In turn, this can help you reflect on your own experiences and even prompt you to take on new habits or change your behaviour when you eventually return. As creatures of habit, it often takes something striking to prompt us to change our actions, so why not embrace this while you’re away? You might try a new adventure activity, embrace the food, or simply make a conscious effort to speak to new people.

Being inspired and finding opportunities

You could become inspired by absolutely anything while abroad. You might switch up your diet based on the new dishes you’ve discovered or even tweak your morning or evening routine to one that integrates new activities, from exercise to mindfulness. Through something as simple as staying in a B&B abroad, you might be inspired to take on a completely new challenge and open up one of your own. Of course, you’ll need to bear in mind the admin and work required in order to get things up and running – this might include looking for B&B insurance or working out how to reach your audience through marketing. In terms of what you can become inspired by, the possibilities are endless!

Places you could visit:

Wondering where you should visit next? The internet is full of travel bucket lists, so you’re bound to find inspiration this way, otherwise, social media, films and TV can be brilliant outlets to discover a place that strikes a chord with you. You might choose a bustling city or opt for a more tranquil beach location. Either way, there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things. To get the ball rolling, why not take the time to research the language and culture before venturing over there? It will set you up nicely to make the most out of your experience.