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ECG Engineering: Going Above and Beyond



ECG Engineering is pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovations in the mining sector, providing specialised electrical engineering services across a variety of fields, including Mineral Processing, Utilities, Materials Handling, Renewables and Industrial sectors. As such, ECG Engineering is a highly capable company with extensive industry knowledge that has projected them to an influential level in providing global engineering solutions. We spoke to ECG Engineering to learn about their growing presence in industrial sectors and sustainable mining.

Although their main headquarters can be found in Perth, ECG Engineering has approximately 130 employees across Australia and Canada, as well as holding a presence in Manila in the Philippines. They are very open and supportive in the training across all areas of their business, from seasoned industry professionals to junior engineers, providing specialist training wherever needed. Furthermore, they make a conscious effort in attracting and employing engineers from different nationalities, evidenced by a workforce that is made from 20 different nationalities, as well as a growing female workforce.

Having been in operation for many years, ECG Engineering possesses a significant focus on engineering solutions and their wide range of capabilities includes the following:

  • Project Management: using their world-class knowledge in the ever-changing industrial sector, ECG delivers highly comprehensive management across all stages of a project.
  • Power Generation: effective assessment and design of new power stations, to guarantee optimum efficiency in power generation.
  • Power systems: delivering top-of-the-range integrated services including, but not limited to, design, construction, and commissioning of high voltage transmission networks.
  • Control Systems: using quality experience to advance your plant in response to changing conditions.
  • Automation and Operations Support: Ensuring the proficiency of operations, as well as providing supervision, planning and audit action.
  • Renewable Power Systems: evaluation and integration of renewable and microgrid resources.

When speaking to Paul Bodycoat, ECG Engineering’s HR Advisor, it is interesting to gain an insight into the changing nature of the industrial field: “As much of our activity is in the Mining sector, the state of the industry is buoyant and expanding. While some of our services are specialised, there is healthy competition in our sector and an emphasis to provide high service levels to clients.” Evidently, ECG Engineering proactively responds to competition, in order to develop innovations in their company, and drive overall advancement in the industry.

The development of sustainable practices is a key part of ECG’S Engineering advancements. This is in response to not only the growing concerns of climate change but also the state of the international market, ECG Engineering faces challenges in renewable energy resources head-on, by championing alternative sources of energy, including electrical integration for both on-grid and off-grid applications, as well as overseeing and optimising solar, wind and battery storage options, whilst developing further innovative renewable energy solutions for the future.

Not only do ECG Engineering give back to the planet through designing and implementing renewable energy sources, but they also give back to the local communities in which they operate. A noteworthy case is the invaluable resources that they provided for schools in remote regions in Africa. Further significant contributions are made through the routine corporate events that proactively raise funds for charities close to the hearts of their employees.

ECG Engineering has much to look forward to on the horizon, as they aim to grow their repertoire to incorporate larger and more complex projects. This vision shall be brought to life through a restructuring of the company, including the appointment of a new Executive General Manager, Andy Griffin, who brings fresh ideas and facilitate new opportunities for the company.  We cannot wait to see how ECG Engineering continues to succeed.