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    When you think of Canada, you maybe think of an exhilarating game of hockey, or vast woodland with spectacular lakes. However, an aspect that Canada is also greatly known for is its variety of sustainable and successful industries.
    As an integral part of North America, Canada can boast great advancements in natural resources and mining, with an abundance of resources at its disposal. As such, within this specifically dedicated Canadian issue we can see how Canada expertly excels in industries such as gold, SSR and Orford mining, as well as great lithium advancement to power the cars of the future.
    Mining, as Canada’s most integral industry, has for decades faced many challenges, alongside many successes. As we shall see in this issue, mining has greatly adapted to cope with growing pressures, demonstrated through the tenacity of IOS Mining. Furthermore, it can also be admired how the mining industry in Canada has adapted to the pressures of climate change, evidenced in a push for sustainability. Amongst others, Energold has adapted over the last ten years to be more resourceful and diversify into minerals, metals and energy sectors, whilst maintaining its commitment to the environment.
    Therefore, it is easy to see how Canada needed its own publication, to efficiently demonstrate its diverse and exciting range of businesses.