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DP World: A Seamless Flow of Movement

Smart logistics company, DP World, have provided vital solutions to streamline global trade since 1972. Despite starting as a marine services provider, they now impart optimum solutions in a wide range of sectors, including ports and terminals, logistics and shipping, and technology, to keep global trade ticking. So much so, that DP World has become indispensable to the global supply chain, overseeing 10% of the world’s trade.   

Having a firm purpose, and consistently delivering on that purpose, is incredibly important to DP World; they are passionate about creating an accelerated and sustainable movement of products through a single flow of trade. This has remained the key focus since its establishment in 1972, as a local port operator in Dubai. Subsequently, the Jebel Ali port was a turning point in 1979, as this particular port has gone on to be very successful, nowadays contributing a respectable 23.8% to Dubai’s GDP. Thus, DP World is proud of its UAE heritage as they’ve played a key part in the development of the region in the last 50 years. Therefore, their blossoming success since the 1970s has elevated DP World to become the largest seaport in the Middle East, with over 150 businesses across six continents.  

Looking more closely at the day-to-day solutions, DP World facilitates a highly proactive chain of events that provides ample solutions to customers across the world. Their logistics operations, for example, have become transformative to many, due to the success in warehouse management, trucking, freight forwarding, and barge operations, with inland cargo and depots. For freight forwarders in particular, DP World offers a comprehensive program that lets you share web-based tools to help spread the word and promote the services they offer to DP World’s extensive network of customers. Thus, by providing real-time cargo provision and transport, as well as company awareness, they can maximise efficiency.  

Moreover, DP World unlocks the potential in ports and terminals, as they open doors to the wider supply chain. By revitalising global ports, they use innovative terminal handling techniques which keep things flowing. The highly advanced strategies in question include BoxBay and the comprehensive High Bay Storage (HBS) system, which advance terminal handling speed, energy efficiency and safety, whilst deflating unnecessary operating costs. Exciting developments in port management are also on the horizon, with the brand-new investment in Virgin’s transformative Hyperloop technology; a high-speed cargo pod system that facilitates synchronised and seamless movement, giving cargo owners that extra helping hand.  

One of the elements that DP World is most proud of is its marine services, as the maritime industry is so prevalent across international markets. Since the company was born in the marine sector, they feel they have put the work in to become a world-leading provider of maritime solutions, assisting governments and corporate organisations across the globe. In geographical terms, they complete a surplus of 300 projects a year in their docklands in Dubai, and guide professionals in a selection of the world’s biggest existing new-build offshore fabrication programmes. Furthermore, DP World can also provide a Searates Platform, which can support customers in finding the best routes and freight charges for global shipping, alongside secure payment, and advanced container tracking. Most recently, they have a new ship-lift facility which is capable of lifting an impressive 2,500 tonnes, thus being capable of reaching a vast range of vessels. This means that DP World’s clients can enjoy access to ports across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.  

As such an integral company to streamlined trade activity, DP World prioritises the well-being of the planet, as well as the lives that they impact through their services. This objective is reached through smarter trade which guarantees a better future for the upcoming generations and is neatly packaged in DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ sustainability strategy. DP World understands that operations on such a grand scale do not occur without consequence, therefore having such a solid environmental strategy can lead their tools and knowledge in the right direction. With a dual approach, the ‘Our World’ program guides the company to conduct responsible business across seven priority areas, with ambitious goals that are to be met by 2030. On the other hand, ‘Our Future’ concerns DP World’s legacy; persevering to leave the industry, and the world, in a better place.  

However, don’t just take their word for it, as evidence of their pledge is illustrated through their role in the UN Sustainable Development Goals Scheme, and their ESG Profile, which allows them to keep up to date with their environmental and social governance. In more practical regards, the company has seven priorities to ensure they operate responsibly. This includes commitments to safety, security, well-being, ethics, climate change, community engagement and people development. Regarding the latter, DP World focuses on building strong relationships with local communities so that their actions have the best social outcome. This materialises through direct community investment, employee volunteer programs, and charitable giving, subsequently transforming local communities.  

For a company with such a progressive global strategy, the notion of diversity is integral. Evidently, DP World takes pride in the fact they possess over 100,000 employees of over 160 nationalities, cultivating an inclusive work culture. It is also refreshing to see how DP World have a focus on the women workforce, which is incredibly important in an overtly male-dominated industry. Across all ports, terminals, logistics parks, and economic zones, women are conducting transformative work and having a positive impact on the industry. Such inclusionary steps are evidence of DP World’s modern approach as women break into the global trade industry.  

Recent news in the company brings to the fore ambition and technological excellence, with DP World setting a new Southhampton record for the number of handling containers on one ship, after handling more than 9000 containers. In March this year, the Ocean Network Express vessel docked at Southhampton after travelling from Pusan, South Korea. In just 86 hours, 9,315 containers were exchanged, smashing the previous record by 13%. Although this is admirable, this is just one case of many in which DP World has gone the extra mile in revitalising global trade.  

DP World has become highly advanced in navigating the complex entity that is the global trade market, as they provide expert solutions that have arisen from over 50 years of experience and 100,000 employees. Consequently, they have the capabilities to operate responsibly and diligently across a global market and provide a streamlined flow of trade that carries hundreds of companies to smooth success.