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John Deere – Forestry, Construction & Mining: Going the Extra Mile

The John Deere brand is one that many of us will be very familiar with, especially in the world of construction, forestry, and mining. The company’s equipment can be seen at project sites across the world facilitating key operations designed to help us develop towards the future. As the global population continues to rise, the demand for food, fuel and infrastructure is steadily increasing. To meet these growing demands, projects and operations across the world need the best equipment to make vital development possible, and this is where John Deere comes in. John Deere has over 180 combined years of experience in the world of heavy machinery and equipment, and it is with this knowledge that the company has created an array of intelligent, innovative, and connected machinery to enable us to achieve this vital leap towards the future for both people and the planet.  

With a growing population, the need for construction equipment is vital to building essential infrastructure throughout every sector from housing to manufacturing facilities. John Deere has crafted its machinery and equipment to work towards this growing future with its precision construction technology which is designed to help its customers to work smarter, not harder. This can best be seen looking at John Deere’s construction equipment which uses the latest connectivity and alert-management tools. The equipment uses JDLink™ which provides real-time data which can be filtered and analysed by its machinery to provide diagnostics and operational efficiency. This real-time data allows machinery to quickly identify critical issues and allow the equipment to act, often before the operator knows there is a problem. This function is designed to maintain the health of the machine whilst also improving operational safety across the construction site.  

This data can then be fed back into John Deere Machine Health Monitoring Centres which collect data from thousands of operational machines to identify trends in this data to determine common causes and help John Deere fix any issues. Therefore, customers who use John Deere machinery can be sure that the operational efficiency and health of every machinery remains a priority to the company. By identifying potential issues, John Deere can implement preventative maintenance and repair protocols to keep machinery working and projects moving. The Expert Alerts System, therefore, allows John Deere to remain ahead of its competition by continually working to improve the speed and accuracy of its equipment.  

Machinery under the construction sector of John Deere includes motor graders, excavators, skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and crawler dozers. These work to help its customers efficiently deliver construction results with ease. However, to make its machinery options even greater for its customers, John Deere has partnered with Leica Geosystems to help bring greater digital development to its heavy construction equipment. The partnership was announced in February and outlines that the partnership between John Deere and Leica Geosystem will see the latest technology, software, and services from Leica Geosystems available to purchase on selected John Deere construction equipment models.  

It is hoped that the partnership will bring even greater performance to the construction equipment lineup through Leica Geosystem’s sensor technology by reducing overall materials costs and the number of passes required for each job. Mark Colvin, Senior Product Manager and Grade Management at John Deere commented on the vital partnership, “Working with Leica Geosystems is a tremendous opportunity, as their advanced technology solutions, paired with the power and performance of John Deere construction equipment line-up, makes for a highly productive, efficient and seamless job site for our customers”. Colvin’s comments highlight John Deere’s commitment to delivering top-quality and efficient equipment to its customers by partnering with key players in the world of equipment technology productivity to achieve machinery systems that deliver every single time.  

These kinds of solutions are also seen across John Deeres aggregate or mining equipment offerings, which, much like the construction division, include articulated dump trucks, dozers, excavators, wheel loaders, and skid steers. However, to continue to deliver high-performance aggregate machinery, John Deere also has the Wirtgen Group which is a member of the John Deere family. The group offer 5 premium brands that serve the road construction, quarry, and aggregate sectors to meet the growing need for infrastructure development. The two companies bring together decades of expertise and innovation, with the Wirtgen Group offering mobile jaw crunchers, crane crushers, impact crushers, screening plants and stackers to the John Deere product line.  

All of the machines are supported by John Deere’s Operations Centre which helps customers to monitor equipment across the job site. Furthermore, the two company’s combined experience in the world of aggregates means that every machine is made with the reliability and durability required for the heavy-duty work at mining or quarry sites. In addition to this, working with these two giants in the world of heavy machinery, you have access to their networks which support every single customer beyond their purchase. Therefore, in purchasing from the John Deere-Wirtgen Group, every customer knows the success of their projects is always the group’s top priority.  

Finally, a key division for John Deere is its forestry division, which when we last caught up with the company had just introduced a new Intelligent Harvester Head Controls (IHC) which was designed to facilitate harvesting and improve the efficiency of delimbing trees. The role of the IHC was to protect the machine’s health by adjusting its harvester head to meet each tree’s specific characteristics and conditions. The development of the IHC was focused on using innovation to make operations more efficient. This innovation put the customer at the forefront of their operations, and this is something that John Deere has maintained through its recent implementation of a training program for all of its machines on logging sites.  

Whether you’re using a wheeled harvester, harvester head, forwarder, or skidder to achieve your forestry needs, John Deere is committed to providing an in-depth walkthrough to every new customer, and specific changes to each machine for regular users. This training program helps to get machinery into action faster, whilst also ensuring greater operational safety. For those that are familiar with John Deere’s existing forestry equipment, the move between models is much easier as the company keep as many features and operational procedures similar, however with any changes, John Deere provides a specific walk-through to highlight these features.  

These training programs are facilitated through its regional offices and are designed to ensure that its product lines, which are already designed to be ready to go when they reach the customer, can be put into operation much quicker and safer. By ensuring both the machinery and the user is ready to go, John Deere is maintaining a strong relationship with its customers at every step, for a continued partnership for success.  

Overall, John Deere is a vast machinery and equipment company which has pioneered the market with intelligently connected machines which work to make vital projects and operations towards the future just that little bit easier. Supported by real-time data, an international network and a commitment to the future, customers can feel safe choosing John Deere products knowing that at every stage they are designed to deliver results.