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John Deere Construction and Forestry Division: Innovating with Precision

In its delivery of agricultural, construction and forestry equipment, as well as diesel engines and drivetrains, John Deere is a manufacturing company that leads the way in providing high-quality and reliable machinery across the globe. Under the John Deere brand lies the construction and forestry division that looks specifically at providing a variety of equipment and technology to improve the construction and forestry industries internationally. Through their use of precision technology in the machinery and equipment they provide, they have innovated the industry towards producing more effective, sustainable, and reliable products that get the job done.  

John Deere provides a variety of highly advanced technological equipment for construction to help customers achieve their project plans in a smarter way. For construction, John Deere manufactures a variety of equipment and machinery, including articulated dump trucks, backhoes, compact track loaders, crawl loaders, dozers, excavators, Gator™ Utility vehicles, motor graders, scraper systems, skid steers, tractor loaders, and wheel loaders. The machinery and vehicles are created with precision construction technology which allows the tools to help customers improve their project’s efficiency and safety. Then, as part of the John Deere brand, a supportive framework is provided to help its customers to keep their projects up and running by connecting them with its expansive network of world-class dealers.   

On the forestry side of its operations, John Deere has a line of equipment and technology to tackle all its customers’ forestry needs. It has combined its core technology features and machinery with precision forestry technologies that possess the ability to adapt and excel in wooded environments. John Deere’s TimberManager™ system allows progress to be constantly monitored on the job site from an app. This is used alongside their TimberMatic maps which gives the customer the ability to keep constant visibility across its operations. The forestry division relies on attachments that can bring a new level of versatility to its equipment; this includes tracked feller bunchers, wheeled fella bunches, directional fellers, tracked harvesters and wheeled harvesters. As well as a range of harvesting heads, felling heads, Waratah heads, log forks and grapple attachments to help deliver projects with innovative solutions.  

As of April 2023, John Deere introduced new Intelligent Harvester Head Controls (IHC) to facilitate harvesting and improve the efficiency of delimbing in forestry. The controls needed for tree delimbing knives are based on the tree species type and size, but the new harvester’s head constantly measures the force with which the tree is compressed, so the IHC system adjusts accordingly. This allows the knives to delimb the tree to a high quality whilst accurately measuring the remains, to save time which would usually be spent on manually adjusting the harvesters head settings according to each tree’s specific characteristics or conditions. Thus, the tool greatly improves harvesting productivity. Furthermore, as the IHC internally adjusts the harvester head itself, it improves the longevity of the tool by ensuring it maintains the correct pressure gauge over a manually chosen one which could potentially harm the tool. Therefore, in every new release by John Deere, productivity, safety and longevity of its tools are always a top priority.  

The introduction of John Deere Connected Support™ allowed the entire construction and forestry division to benefit from a series of dealer and factor tools which are designed to help increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve the overall job site efficiency all whilst lowering daily operating costs. To improve its service and customer experience dealers can take a proactive approach and actively monitor machines using Service ADVISOR Remote and Expert Alerts. The Service ADVISOR remote features allow dealers to diagnose and repair problems from other locations. The system can analyse the machinery in real time remotely and set a trigger point to record intermitted conditions for a better understanding of the entire system’s health. The Expert Alerts system informs the equipment technicians of information when a new part is needed for the machine. Both systems were introduced by John Deere to ensure that its machinery is kept in peak operating condition, and so maintaining a high level remotely analyse the machinery in real time and set a trigger point to record intermitted conditions to better understand of productivity. Therefore, they are constantly ensuring that the John Deere brand stands for innovation, reliability, and efficiency to get projects done.  

This innovation is exemplified in John Deere’s recent introduction of new construction models at the Conexpo/AGG just this year. The company revealed new models in its small dozer, large scraper, compact track loader, skid steer loader and cold planning attachment line-ups. The new versions of their 450, 550, and 650 P-Tier dozers maintain the high level of manufacturing known from John Deere whilst improving on its existing technology. These dozers have more intuitive features and technology, including their EZ Grade and electro-hydraulic controls, and slope controls with its SmartGrade technology. Consequently, we can see from John Deere’s latest release that it is constantly improving its equipment, machinery, and technology to ensure it is providing the most efficient construction and forestry solutions possible.  

To remain committed to supporting the environment and upholding sustainable goals, John Deere has set up the John Deere Foundation which is committed to investing $200 million over the next 10 years to create long-lasting and purposeful change for the communities it serves. Furthermore, John Deere is committed to delivering sustainable practices through its divisions. As a company, it has committed to moving towards using at least 50% renewable electricity in manufacturing to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Johen Deere have set goals to reduce 50% of its operation’s carbon dioxide emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 2023. John Deere has also secured a long-term agreement on projects to harness wind and solar energy which will aid in its goal of achieving more than 50% of global renewable electricity in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, India, Mexico, and Brazil.  

Overall, John Deere Construction and Forestry Division is committed to providing innovative equipment, machinery, and technologies to change the game in construction and forestry services. It is no surprise that for the 16th time, John Deere was named as one of 2023 World’s Most Ethical Companies due to its commitment to ethical corporate citizenship to provide food, fuel, fibre, and infrastructure to support a growing global population. Therefore, John Deere Construction and Forestry Division are leading the way globally in its delivery of products to serve the growing demands of the population in delivering tools that get the job done right.