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The Top Grooming Tools For Dogs

Just like playtime, bath time should be a daily part of your dog’s life. Knowing how to groom your dog properly is essential, however, it’s almost impossible to groom your dog properly without the right tools.

Grooming your dog requires more than just giving your dog a bath. Properly grooming your dog includes brushing their teeth, and taking care of their paws by trimming their nails and caring for their paw pads.

You can give your dog an old-fashioned bath in the bathtub with soap, water, and a washcloth, but it won’t give them the thorough cleaning they need and deserve.

To give your dog a proper, thorough grooming, here are some of the top grooming tools for dogs are:


When giving your dog a bath, consider using dog washing gloves.

Dog washing gloves or dog bathing mitts are similar to rubber gloves, except they are specifically designed for washing dogs.

These gloves have special grooves on the palms and fingers to help groom your dog’s fur while you wash them.


Skip the towel and buy a dog grooming dryer. Dog grooming dryers are beneficial for both you and your dog. They’ll keep a small, short-haired dog from getting sick in colder months and keep all dogs smelling clean.

When your dog’s fur air dries, the same thing happens to their fur that can happen to our hair. It becomes tangled. It’s easier to blow dry your dog’s fur to prevent snarls.


When selecting a dog shampoo for your fur baby, choose one that is organic. Harsh chemicals can actually do more harm than good. Not only will it leave your dog’s fur matted, the chemicals could harm your dog. Do your research before selecting the right shampoo.

Dog Paw Wax

Dog paw wax is used to keep your pet’s paws hydrated. Paw wax is similar to the lotion we use on our skin and helps keep your dog’s paws from cracking and splitting.

Brushes And Combs

Before you purchase a brush to groom your dog, consider the type of fur coat your dog has.

Pin brushes are the best grooming brushes to use for dogs with thick or curly fur. These brushes also work great for dogs with long hair.

Dematting also works great for dogs with thick, curly, or coarse fur.

For smaller dogs or dogs with short fur, soft-bristled brushes or tooth combs are the best grooming tools.


When choosing the best clipping tool for your dog, consider their size. If you have a larger dog, consider purchasing a heavy-duty nail clipper.