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What Are Educational Staffing Agencies?

Whenever a position needs to be filled, an employer creates a job post, finds candidates, interviews them, then hires the right candidates to fill that specific position.

However, in certain situations, like with larger companies or companies where candidate’s must meet a certain criteria, such as having licenses or a strong educational background, or a position where qualifications are set by federal or state laws, a staffing agency is usually utilized.

 An educational staffing agency acts as the intermediary between schools and potential hires. Whether the position is temporary, part time, or full time, they eliminate the work of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring candidates. They also help the hiring process run smoother and more efficiently by follow a specific procedure that generates positive results.

How Does The Process Work?

Schools contact the educational staffing agency and request their services. Then, staffing agencies recruit, interview, and hire potential employees or candidates.


The recruiting process is relatively simple and comparable to placing an ad out for a job to recruit candidates, then interviewing, and hiring to fill a position. However, with staffing agencies, they already have likely candidates, which makes this process simpler.

Sometimes, an educational staffing agency already has candidates “on file” and selects them based on their qualifications. Just as they service the employer, they serve those who want to be employed.

So, when an opportunity comes up, let’s say for someone who has a degree in education, the staffing agency will notify the candidate and start the interview process to ensure they’re a good match for that school.


Once the educational staffing agency selects candidates, they start the interviewing process.

The interview process is similar to interviews directly from the employer. Staffing agencies ask the same questions, such as; “Tell me about yourself”, “What are your career goals?”, and “Where do you see yourself in five years?”.

After the interview, the staffing agency makes a selection based on the following criteria; resume, cover letter, interview, educational background, work experience, and if the candidate passes a criminal background check.

An educational staffing agency will select candidates based on the qualifications and take any requirements enforced by federal or state laws, such as a background check, licenses, or a formal degree.


The educational staffing agency creates contracts and assigns employees a length of time for hire; temporary, part time, or full time. The staffing agency also takes care of the administrative and accounting aspects of the employment for each hire; paying employees, creating and filling paperwork.

The new employee essentially works at the school, but works for the educational staffing agency.