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Association of Singapore Marine Industries: Enhancing Singapore’s Offshore and Marine Industry

Formed in 1968 as a non-profit trade association, the Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI), has been working to promote, unite and advocate for the interests and advancement of its member companies across the country’s marine and offshore industries. ASMI works closely with crucial players in the sector and its members to enhance the image of Singapore’s marine industries on an international scale. Consequently, ASMI strives ahead as a leading offshore and marine association which is constantly developing Singapore’s role in the global marine industry.  

ASMI was initially called the Singapore Association of Shipbuilders and Repairers (SASAR), beginning with only 10 member companies that were predominantly shipbuilders and repairers. The early objective of SASAR was to develop the shipbuilding and repairing industry, however, as the association grew and more companies in the marine and offshore industry became interested in the uniting force that the association represented, it reorganised and rebranded. ASMI was established in 1968 to encapsulate the more diverse range of companies it was now advocating for, and today reflects its wider grasp on the marine sector, where the Association serves as a diverse and expansive representative body and voice for the industry.  

ASMI is governed by a council made up of key players in the sector, which are working together to enhance the collective image of Singapore’s marine and offshore engineering industry. The Association is divided into 5 committees that are working to improve the industry and help solve its member’s concerns. These committees include the Productivity and Future Economy Committee, the Manpower Committee, the Enterprise Committee, the Social, Youth and Membership Committee, and the Workplace Safety and Health Committee. The committees are working to represent and promote the interests of ASMI, by fostering an environment of cooperation among its members and by implementing regular programmes to improve the industry in terms of safety, technology, and productivity, whilst also consulting with relevant bodies across Singapore and the globe.  

Members under ASMI are divided into 3 groups, the first being ordinary members who are any Singapore-registered company which participates in marine and offshore services including ship repairs, ship and rig building, marine engineering, marine consultancy, etc. To qualify for full member status under ASMI the company must also have been in operation for more than 2 years, with a paid-up capital of at least $100,000. If the company meets these requirements, they are entitled to all rights and privileges of the Association.  

Furthermore, Associate members are Singapore-registered companies whose business activities are related to the country’s marine industry, have been operating for at least a year and have a paid-up capital of $10,00 as a minimum. Honorary members include all exclusive classification societies and other organisations whose activities are directly connected to the marine industry. Honorary members are invited into the association by the ASMI council. Both Honorary and Associate members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the association, however, they are not eligible to hold office or vote in ASMI’s General Meeting.  

As part of ASMI’s association members benefit from training courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences that are organised by the association to develop communication and relationship building between key stakeholders in the marine and offshore industry in Singapore. The association spearheads initiatives to expand the industry and address key concerns of its members relating to manpower, training, safety, industry promotions and capability. One crucial initiative for ASMI is through education, to bring more people into the industry and provide them with the training and skills needed to access top jobs within the industry.  

ASMI’s current workforce totals over 130,000 individuals, however, the Association has implemented a systematic program to recruit production workers and provide them with training and certifications to join the association’s expansive team of employees. However, a more specific initiative has been set up to attract, train, develop and retain young people in the industry. Consequently, ASMI is working to provide essential education to young people to encourage them to take on higher roles of leadership within companies across the industry in the future. This initiative is helping to build a secure and experienced workforce for the future of Singapore’s marine industries.  

To further promote excellence among its members towards the combined goal of developing the image of Singapore’s marine and offshore industry, ASMI introduced a set of awards in 1994 which recognise individuals within ASMI for their outstanding contribution to the association. These awards include the Meritorious Award which is given to council or committee members to recognise their contributions to the Association and wider industry and the Gold Award which is given to non-industry personnel to recognise their involvement, support and contribution to the Association and industry. The final award is the Special Recognition Award which is given to industry veterans who have shown continuous commitment, dedication, and passion for the industry and ASMI. By recognising and awarding the commitment and dedication to the industry and ASMI, the Association ensures a legacy of success as each member and individual is always striving for success.  

Overall, ASMI is an association that is working across Singapore’s marine and offshore engineering industry to develop its recognition towards a global scale, by collaborating internally with its members to establish effective communication, training and regulations which ensures that each company thrives under ASMI. By working to establish training programs and initiatives, ASMI is securing the future of Singapore’s marine and offshore industry by bringing young people in that will take over top roles across the industry in the future. Therefore, in every aspect of ASMI’s work, they are ensuring the stability, longevity and recognition of Singapore’s industry as a key player in both local and international sectors.