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Universal African Lines Alliance: Global Shipping and Logistics Solutions

Operating a fleet of multi-purpose vessels, Universal African Lines Alliance (UAL) operates as a global shipping line which has serviced the Oil and Gas industry since 1973. Now 50 years on, UAL offers diverse logistics to a dedicated shipping service providing complete logistic management involving both break-bulk and containers from Europe and the US Gulf to West Africa. This vital shipping link provides essential movement of cargo between these areas to continually develop each of their respective regions. 

UAL is committed to providing fast, flexible, and professional services which are facilitated through its vessel fleet and supported by years of experience and technical expertise towards commercial awareness. A key focus for UAL is its commitment to hard work, as it is keenly concerned with establishing strong business relationships based on mutual trust between its global customers and its partners. UAL offers services between Europe often departing from Aberdeen or Antwerp, as well as in North America leaving from Houston, and from Mexico via Veracruz. Vessels from these ports then travel towards the West African coast with break-bulk and containers which are crucial for the oil and gas industry. Through UAL’s Inter-African services, it has created a seamless lane for cargo flow between the African ports and Europe/the Americas.  

The vessels are geared, meaning they can load and discharge cargo using their own vehicles to speed up shipping and cargo unloading requirements. The tween-deck geared vessels have a deadweight tonnage of between 8,500 and 12,500. The variety of vessels within UAL’s fleet and its experience in delivering and operating in the most remote areas of the world allow it to deliver projects from start to finish safely and on time. This is what sets UAL apart from its competitors, as it continues to provide more sailing and better vessel capabilities to ports across Western Africa.  

As part of this, UAL has Universal African Lines B.V. in which several agents under the UAL brand work to provide modern transportation options. It provides feeder vessels and landing crafts to aid in transporting goods across these shipping lines. Furthermore, as it strives towards the future, UAL, and its UAL B.V. division are constantly looking for ways to modernise the fleet focusing on a more sustainable way to proceed in the shipping industry. As part of this, UAL has added 5 fuel-efficient vessels to form into an Eco-Trader series. These boats have axe-shaped bows which innovatively reduce fuel consumption and are currently in operation across shipping lines to and from Africa, Bodewe, Houston, Texas, and Cologne.  

A key service for UAL outside of the shipping lines, is through its handling services at end ports. UAL services provide reliable and fast cargo handling by a highly specialised and experienced team. UAL guarantee its customers optimal service as well as safe and timely delivery of good and projects. Therefore, for the transportation and then delivery of handling services, UAL focuses on communication, administration, planning, coordination, management, and implementation as central commitments, which sees its customers’ cargo delivered securely from start to finish.   

UAL also provide a range of storage solutions, including its owned K5 Freeport and Oil Centre which offers its clients reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions within the Oil and Gas industry, specifically within Equatorial Guinea and along the coast of West Africa. The K5 Freeport and Oil Centre is an expert at managing and controlling the flow of cargo through its Oil Centre. This is the dedicated oil and gas terminal that UAL uses, as it has all the required facilities to support loading, discharging, storage and inland transportation of specialised cargo.  

Furthermore, UAL has a fleet of over 4000 containers, including 20-foot and 40-foot boxes, reefers, high cubes, open tops, and flat racks. This fleet provides a multitude of options including door-to-door service which seeks to ensure that the shipping lines are thoroughly maintained. In order to maximise time and resource efficiency, whilst reducing any risks associated with cargo handling, UAL’s K5 Freeport and Oil Centre is a pivotal component in UAL’s operations to deliver vital oil and gases to its customers.  Additionally, UAL provides specialised carry and handling services which deal with specialised cargo. This specialised transport is used to move dangerous goods and heavy lifts, through its full license to manage and carry hazardous cargo. For UAL it prides itself on being able to move this cargo in the most efficient and safe way possible.  

Ultimately, UAL continues to provide essential servicing to the needs of the oil and gas industry through its specialised knowledge that makes shipping to logistically difficult areas possible. It seems through its operations, and as it develops towards a more sustainable future with its increasingly environmentally friendly fleets, UAL continues to lead the way as the shipping line agency that gets the job done. With UAL you can be sure that you are always receiving top-quality service as it continues to provide essential shipping, handling and storage across the Oil and Gas industry.