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World Oil Tanzania Ltd.: Fuelling Tanzania’s Petroleum Industry

With a key focus on providing innovative solutions to its customers across the logistics and customs clearing services of petroleum products, World Oil Tanzania Ltd (WOTL) is a leading transporter of petroleum and its related products across Tanzania and towards international markets in Central and Eastern Africa. Backed by over 20 years of experience, WOTL remains committed to providing professional transportation services for petroleum products to a whole range of high-profile customers whilst ensuring that safety is always a central priority.  

Established in 1999, WOTL is a limited liability company which is incorporated and domiciled in Tanzania, with its headquarters in Kigamboni in Dar es Salaam. As a leading importer, distributor, and marketer of petroleum products. WOTL takes pride in its dedication to ensuring high levels of efficiency, reliability, clean deliveries, timely reporting, and loss free service to help maintain its reputation as a leading petroleum logistics and hospitality service. Today, WOTL is a household name that has undertaken over 100 projects within the petroleum industry to develop the accessibility of petroleum.  

Its role in developing the accessibility of petroleum critically bridges the gaps in the fuel transportation market, which previously saw unreliable and unorganised petroleum services. Therefore, WOTL continues to provide the people of Tanzania with reliable, professional, and profitable petroleum transport services. It is this careful dedication to the region and filling any previous gaps, which has allowed WOTL to be the company of choice for the transportation, importation, and marketing of petroleum products across Tanzania.   

Offering a range of hospitality and transporting services to various suppliers in both local and transit businesses. The company has 2 fuel terminals in Kigamboni with a total fuel capacity of 89 million litres for both AGO and PMS fuel. WOTL also has an additional 2 fuel terminals in Lubumbashi in Congo. These facilities allow WOTL to carry out its services and connect fuel across local and international markets. Its expansive role across Tanzania highlights WOTL’s long-term cooperation with clients on a national level who value WOTL’s commitment, reliability, and responsiveness to their needs. By establishing itself as a crucial player in the petroleum industry of Tanzania, WOTL continues to serve the industry, it looks to expand the scope of its offered services and technological capabilities.  

Transport facilities under WOTL include overnight secure parking, security and protection of equipment and pre-loaded vehicles which are parked across its site. The facilities have 2 wash bay facilities with the necessary effluent provisions to absorb any fuel substances during the process of external washing and internal cleansing. Furthermore, WORL also provides office and storage facilities which cater for operational technical requirements. However, one of the most central values of WOTL is its commitment to developing sustainable business services through strategic partnerships within the Central, Southern and Eastern African markets.  

WOTL upholds this crucial level of sustainable development through its innovative logistics and hospitality services which use a behaviour-based system called the Loss Prevention System (LPS) which it utilised to prevent and reduce losses throughout its company by positively influencing the behaviour of all persons involved. By keeping its 400+ strong workforce happy, cared for and focused on providing the best possible experience for its customers, WOTL continues to attain market leadership thanks to the quality of its service, which ultimately creates and maximises the sustainability of the company’s value.  

Overall, WOTL takes pride in its leading professional transportation services for petroleum products, which through its facilities, assets and personnel has allowed it to optimize its operations to serve the industry in Tanzania with flexible and reliable solutions. With core values of loyalty, accountability, responsibility, ownership, and excellent service according to its customer’s requirements; WOTL has become a standard for excellence across the industry. We look forward to seeing how WOTL continues to expand across Tanzania over the coming years, and as it takes its standard of excellence and sustainability towards venturing further into international markets.