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Clarke Energy Australia: Energy Solutions for Every Situation

Specialising in low-carbon, efficient, and flexible energy systems, Clarke Energy Australia delivers a range of energy solutions, with a focus on ensuring quality products, solutions, and services across a wide variety of sectors. Therefore throughout its operations, Clarke Energy Australia leads the Australian market through its complete engineering, procurement, and construction of its energy solutions. As a subsidiary of the global Clarke Energy company, Clarke Energy Australia is a leading provider of power generation and storage solutions across Australia, New Zealand and Papa New Guinea. Throughout every aspect of its operations, whether on a global or regional scale, Clarke Energy is committed to safety, quality, and the environment as it continues to serve its customers with quality products.  

Clarke Energy began its operations in 1989 and has worked over the years to now be a world-leading company in the design, installation and long-term maintenance of gas and diesel engines for power generation applications. From this substantial base, Clarke Energy opened its Australian division in 2001 with its first premises in Adelaide which today is the head office for the whole of the global company’s South Pacific regions. Since 2001, the South Pacific region has grown expansively, and it is now an award-winning specialist in gas-fuelled technology with a whole range of engineering, project management, sales, service, ports, and administration personnel ready and waiting to serve its customers every need.  

Clarke Energy Australia provides complete engineering, construction, and procurement (EPC) services to suit the supply and maintenance of gas engines or other power generation systems to help make its customers’ energy projects a reality. In engineering, it creates computer-aided designs and provides mechanical and electrical engineering to make these a reality through installation. For installation, Clarke Energy Australia has dedicated teams which help to bring these designs to life with their top-quality project management, installation, and commissioning of the entire energy solution. Once the company has designed and implemented a range of energy solutions it continues to add value to its business through the installation and maintenance of the system all under one company.  

Clarke Energy Australia’s supply can range from the sale of a single engine, a completed combined heat and power plant, to a fully engineered power plant, as well as the integration of other power generation and hybrid or microgrid solutions. The vast array of solutions that Clarke Energy Australia offers all under a single company allows them to follow every project from concept to its implementation and maintenance to ensure that customers are receiving solutions which are best suited to their needs. Then, all of the EPC will be completed by the company which boasts over two decades of expertise in the field, and a whole host of substantial projects behind them.  

Clarke Energy is a part of KOHLER Energy, which means that throughout its energy systems, the company can deliver a range of KOHLER’s gas engines, biogas upgraders, battery energy storage systems, carbon dioxide captures and heat pumps. However, Clarke Energy Australia is also the largest and sole authorized distributor and service partner for INNIO Jenbacher gas engines in Australia, which along with the KOHLER systems, has established the company as a key player in energy solutions providing top-quality engines.  

Already within its portfolio are many turnkey power stations in remote areas, and now it has over 20 years of experience across such a vast array of applications and conditions that for energy solutions, Clarke Energy Australia is the leading choice to meet and exceed its customers’ needs. This has been seen with Clarke Energy Australia undertaking a range of energy solutions across the mining, oil, and gas industries to deliver efficient, low-carbon energy solutions that are uniquely suited to the needs and conditions of its customers.   

Clarke Energy Australia provides gas engine fuel sources to the mining sector which can accept a variety of fuels including natural gas, coal bed methane, coal steam gas, liquified natural gas (LNG), diesel and crude oil. These allow mining facilities to remain resilient and functional whilst improving efficiency which in turn hopes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Then for the oil and gas sector, Clarke Energy Australia engineers, installs, and maintains a range of solutions for oil and gas wells, hydrocarbon separation plants, drilling rigs, gas compression plants, dehydration stations, and oil treatment plants.  

In recent news, Mineral Resources Limited (MinRes) has chosen Clarke Energy Australia as its preferred partner for a second project. The two companies reached an agreement on a new 26.9-megawatt (MW) power station for MinRes’ Onslow Iron Project. The work will take place in Ken’s Bone Mine which is planned to produce roughly 35 million tonnes of iron ore per year. The mine is expected to commence operations in June 2024, and Clarke Energy Australia will design and supply mine and process-related infrastructure. This will enable the processed ore from the mine to be hauled by private road to Onslow, where port operations will transfer the product to transhipment vessels destined for international markets.  

Therefore, the contract will see Clarke Energy complete a ‘power wrap’ of the Ken Bone Mine and port which will feature tailored solutions at both ends of the operations. 9 Jenbacher J420s will supply the highly variable load of the Onslow port operations whilst 8 J620s will power the comparatively high load transients of mining operations 150km inland. One of the key aspects of Clarke Energy Australia’s operations is ensuring that its solutions are future-proofed for hydrogen. All of the Jenbacher Series 6 engines can operate on up to 25% blended H2/CH4 without the need for retrofits or special orders. Furthermore, from 2025 direct injection options will be available through Clarke Energy Australia which will achieve 100% H2 operations to help move industries towards a future of decarbonisation in and across supply chains.  

Clarke Energy Main Board Director and Australasia Managing Director Greg Columbus commented in the MinRes and Clarke Energy Australia press release announcing the partnership that “From our humble beginning in Australia 25 years ago it is very pleasing to see growing recognition amongst WA Tier 1 miners and energy producers for the Jenbacher 6 Series generator and the exceptional quality of our design and builds in remote, islanded applications”. Greg Columbus highlights the expansive and widely recognised role that Clarke Energy Australia plays across the industry as it continues to build on its portfolio of projects across the mining, oil, and gas industries.  

Overall, Clarke Energy Australia is an all-in-one engineering, procurement and construction company that provides pivotal energy frameworks and solutions to help establish reliable energy infrastructure that suits and supports its customers for now and in the future. As Clarke Energy Australia continues to develop its implementation of engines that are future-proofed, it looks set to grow expansively as the company moves both its customers and its operations towards a future of decarbonisation – an essential move for the mining, oil and gas industries which so often use natural resources. Therefore, throughout Clarke Energy Australia’s systems and solutions, it is providing efficient solutions which are actively working to help its customers’ projects and move the energy industry towards a world of reduced carbon emissions.