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Mining Supplier Association of B.C.: Mining For A Better Future

British Columbia is known as a key mining hub in the world, thanks to its world-leading mining jurisdiction, rich mineral geology and strong commitment to safety and regulations. However, a crucial part of mining in this region is developing the industry towards a carbon-neutral future to protect the landscapes and communities to which the region is home to. Therefore, operators across the industry work closely with all aspects of the mining industry, including the services and supply sectors, to push the boundaries of mining and find new and innovative approaches to develop the industry and region as a whole.  

The Mining Supplier Association of British Columbia (MSABC) was established as an overseeing body that represents the companies located across the mining industry in British Columbia. The members of MSABC gain access to equipment, products and related services across the industry whilst taking advantage of key stakeholder relations and connections with the Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC). By partnering with MABC, the members of MSABC gain access to a range of key mining companies which allows for better cooperation between the two sides of the mining industry. Together these companies build industry initiatives which focus on sustainability, land use, First Nations cooperation, government relations and public awareness. Therefore, under MSABC supplier companies are in the best position to interact across the mining industry of British Columbia, whilst promoting the space and support to move the industry towards more sustainable practices.  

MSABC is focused on promoting its members’ work to move the mining industry towards carbon emission reduction and preparing the industry for a long and sustainable future. Therefore, under MSABC its members are actively working to implement electrification across their services. This includes the electrification of machinery and mining processes to move away from the need for diesel-powered equipment alone. One way this is being implemented is through the availability of trolly-assisted trucks which would see mining trucks operate using overhead powerlines making their previous diesel engines no longer necessary which reduces the carbon dioxide output. 

However, where electrification is not possible due to the lack of battery-powered technology for large-tonnage vehicles, some members are opting to use tracking systems to help drivers maintain the most carbon-efficient solution possible. These systems use smarter technology to help tackle the emissions of the transporting of mine products across British Columbia and into international markets. This is especially crucial when transportation makes up 50% of carbon emissions in British Columbia, with heavy-duty trucking (which is used in the mining industry) accounting for 10% of this. In addition, some members are increasing the truck’s haul size by adding extra axles meaning they can reduce the number of trucks needed to haul products from mines. All of these initiatives allow the members of MSABC to reduce carbon emissions, whilst helping mining companies remain more competitive.  

Another way the MSABC is helping to improve the environmental impacts of the mining industry is by implementing initiatives to reduce material intensity to help reduce the amount of products, machinery and shipping needed to fix or repair products at mine sites. This is crucial as replacing components at mines would using use an excessive amount of CO2 to manufacture, and ship products to mines. However, with suppliers making repairs and fixes more readily available on-site and in closely linked supplies, it can significantly reduce the amount of CO2 production from materials in the mine site. The focus on reducing material intensity is just one of the ways the MSABC is working with its members to implement crucial changes towards reducing the mining industry’s carbon footprint in British Columbia.  

MSABC is working to build a more reliable and sustainable future for the mining industry in British Columbia. As a key employer, the stability of the industry is essential for long-term economic success. Therefore, supplier members under MSABC are working to ensure that throughout the industry sustainability is upheld, and so all of its members are working to build a better future for British Columbia and the rest of the industry by example. In working towards a more sustainable future, the members are implementing electric machinery, autonomous control, power systems, education and alternative fuels throughout their operations. These changes highlight the key investments that companies across British Columbia continue to make to develop the region and its world-class mining industry.  

Ultimately, MSABC is a giant overseeing organisation which brings together key mining suppliers in British Columbia and actively is working to move the industry towards greater sustainable development. As the area is a key hub for mining, this movement towards suitability is essential as it shows other respective mining hubs that through the implementation and support of sustainable practices throughout supply chains, mining can be in an industry which is respectful of the planet whilst delivering the vital critical metals that so much of our everyday products are made from. Therefore, British Columbia is the place to mine, and with MSABC its suppliers are given a more prominent role across the industry to see critical change in every aspect of its operations.