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    As a staple of everyday life, energy and utility bills are something we are all too familiar with. However, have you ever stopped to think about the ins and outs of how this energy is supplied to your home, to power your hot shower, or cook your Friday night dinner? Even the screen on which you are reading this, uses energy and utilities in many different forms. As such, the production of energy is really what makes the world go round, and permeates into not only our homes, but all aspects of our lives. Hence why industries surrounding energy and utilities are deserving of a publication due to the integrity of their use in the
    everyday world.
    In this issue, we are particularly looking at regions like South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and many more successful locations. A common aim of all these businesses, however, is to develop the industry to become more sustainable. This is vital if we are to create a safer environment for future generations. Consequently, this is a key challenge that many energy companies are combatting, in a way that uses natural resources responsibly whilst still promoting growth.
    Another key objective is to provide help to the local communities in which many of these companies operate. This is really nice to see, as it suggests a symbiotic relationship between the different companies and the people, adding some heart-warming stories to the wider narratives
    of success.