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How To Build A Veranda For Your Garden

Image Source: Pexels

Planning your veranda design


The first and most important consideration when you’re planning your veranda design is the cost. Decide how much you can afford to spend on the project and make that your maximum budget.

You could finance the veranda upfront or look at the option of secured loans which can be used for property improvements with a view to improving the overall home value.

Planning permission

Most people do not need planning permission when building a veranda, but there are some rules and regulations to consider before you get started.

The veranda should be smaller than 3 metres in height and be less than 50% of your land area. Further restrictions may apply if you live within a conservation area or in a listed building, and if the structure will significantly impact your neighbours you may face backlash.

Selecting the right materials

Structurally sound

To select the right materials for your DIY veranda, begin by considering what will be structurally sound. Building-grade wood is the most popular material as it’s durable, versatile and attractive.

For the roof, corrugated sheeting, polycarbonate roofing sheets and shatterproof glass in wooden frames will all work well. Remember to angle the roof so that it slopes slightly downwards to allow water to run off or you risk stagnant water collecting when it rains.

Other factors

Don’t forget to consider other important factors before you commit to your materials. For one, you have to ensure visual appeal so that you enjoy using the space and it helps to sell your home in the future. Affordability is important too, especially if you are working within a tight budget.

You may also want to prioritise sustainability-sourced materials if you’re passionate about doing your bit for the environment.

Step-by-step construction

Use this simple step-by-step guide to veranda construction for useful pointers and an idea of the tools you need. Less practised hands should view a more comprehensive guide and ask an expert.

  • Prepare the post shoes – measure and mark out the holes, and bolt down the post shoes
  • Make the support posts – cut, shape and sand the support posts and fit these into the shoes
  • Create the cross beams – use angles and bolts to ensure consistent and adequate support
  • Fit the house beams – mark a level line and drill support beams into the back of the house
  • Make the rafters – ensure that these are all equal in size and slightly sloping for drainage
  • Add the roofing sheets – bear in mind the correct roof fixings and tightly secure each section

Decorating your veranda

Once the hard work is done, don’t forget to finish off the look with decoration.

Consider painting your veranda for a professional finish. Choose a shade that’s uplifting, in keeping with the rest of your property and will weather well. Remember to top up the paint and apply protective varnish regularly.

Inside the space, add a table and chairs, fairy lights and lamps, and pots of flowers to create your personal Eden. There are great garden furniture shops that will deliver to your door, so you finish off your project from the comfort of your home.