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Trinidad and Tobago Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (TTAIFA): Education Enrichment

As a trusted provider of professional services for the insurance and financial sector, the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (TTAIFA) is committed to providing its members with continued education development across the finance and insurance advisory role for the benefit of the insurance industry and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

TTAIFA is on a mission to enrich Trinidad and Tobago one family at a time by providing long-term growth in the financial and insurance industries. TTAIFA does this through its clear code of conduct based on its name to help maintain accountability and responsibility across the sector:

T – “Transforming Advisors into Professionals and Prospects into Advocates.”

T – “Technically Disseminating Information”

A – “Advocating Ethical and Best Practises”

I – “Inspiring and Informing”

F – “Focusing on Building Family Financial Strength”

A – “Alliances (with regulators, for the benefit of financial advisors and the industry”

By ensuring that these are the main focuses for advisors across the industry, TTAIFA remains a highflyer for the life insurance industry as it brings companies and education together to continually promote the vital role these organisations play in the everyday lives of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. By putting education and knowledge at the forefront, TTAIFA pioneers the sector with support, guidance, and advice to create a constant cycle of improvement and development.

The Association began as the Life Underwriters Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LUATT) which focused on life insurance salespersons across the region – a key focus the association still has today. LUATT hoped to facilitate salespersons who qualified for the prestigious million-dollar round table and needed to be affiliated with such an organisation, with its prime responsibility being to continue the education and professional development of insurance and financial advisors. However, following a few years of instability, the secretariat began part of the Joint Secretariat Corporation which facilitated the Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Institute, the Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies and the Academy of Insurance. Over the years LUATT attended government committees to make inputs on reform and other relative issues affecting the financial services sector.

In 2003, the official name was changed to TTAIFA which today is a recognised body with over 1300 members from across the major insurance and financial service companies in Trinidad and Tobago. Part of TAIFA’s role is to offer a range of educational courses to bring greater education and training across the finance and insurance sectors. These courses include those to develop agency management, techniques for prospecting, ethics for the financial services professional, and essentials of business insurance – to name just a few. These courses also include a FSCP certification course and examinations and a range of MFA courses. By providing a range of readily available educational courses and programmes, TTAIFA continues to develop the industries and increase the level of excellence among insurance and financial services for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition to formal educational courses, TTAIFA also put on a range of workshops and seminars to provide educational development in a different format for the sector. These seminars and workshops provide a more hands-on approach and focus on the community aspects of the industry through the networking potential these offer too.

The overarching role of TTAIFA is empowerment to help professionals of all ages through knowledge and experience to be productive and effective in their roles. In turn, by raising the level of education in these sectors across Trinidad and Tobago, TTAIFA is investing back into the sector for future generations. Furthermore, by establishing Trinidad and Tobago’s Insurance and Financial advisors as highly trained, it brings greater investment potential into the region and many stakeholders can see the crucial role these people play in keeping the economy running smoothly.

Thanks to this reputation for excellence across education the insurance and finance industry, TTAIFA is now working with 5 of the leading insurance companies across the region. The partnership with these companies allows them to take advantage of the educational potential of the TTAIFA to encourage greater agency and business practice across their operations. These practices bring greater revenue and encourage other key players in the industry to participate in the education programs to see the same results. Consequently, TTAIFA continues to grow its reputation as the leading educational provider for these industries across the region.

Overall, TTAIFA plays a leading role in ensuring the insurance and financial advisory industry of Trinidad and Tobago remains ahead of its competitors. With a key focus on education, the Association provides its members with vital courses, programs, workshops, and seminars to keep knowledge and success at the forefront of its every operation. We look forward to seeing how TTAIFA makes waves in the Insurance and Finance advice market over the coming years as it continues to promote economic success through education.