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Edan K. Properties Ltd.: Strategic Property Development

On a mission to be the leading real estate development brand in Trinidad and Tobago, Edan K. Properties Ltd. (Edan), has spent the last 20 years making vital acquisitions of the real estate sector in the Southern and Central parts of Trinidad. The company is run on the passion to create investment into the region, by setting the stage for key commercial and industrial spaces for continued economic prosperity.  

Established in 1997 as the property development arm of the Wazir Khan Group of Companies, Edan has worked to grow the property development sector in Trinidad through prudent property acquisitions and developments. To do this Edan manages a wide variety of complex property development projects, taking every single one from purchase all the way through conceptualization, financing, and final site developments. Today, Edan has accumulated over 10,000,000 square feet (sq ft) of land across both the industrial and commercial sectors.  

A key property development for Edan is the Gasparillo Mall which was built in 2015, with the aim of providing businesses with strategic locations to operate within the country. The Mall consists of over 35 shops, covering 40,00 sq ft of space. The property was central to Edan’s development of Trinidad to create a thriving business environment, as it led to Edan purchasing 4 acres of land close to the mall complex. The vision for the land was to continue to grow the area into the Gasparillo Business Community, which had begun to take shape with the mall. The development would require the conversion of single-lane roads to dual lanes, which would reduce traffic and bring more visitors into the town to further bring more business potential into the area. It is this focus on creating an environment of vital business development, that highlights Edan’s mission to provide facilities in which businesses and enterprises can thrive, thereby developing the communities and industries in which they operate.  

In addition to the Gasparillo Mall and Business Community, Edan has commercial real estate in the Edan’s Centre which is a 6-story mall located in San Fernando, a 3-story commercial building on Southern Main Road, and a 2,00 sq ft space in La Romaine. These commercial properties, add to Edan’s current industrial properties including the Point Lisas Business Park which covers 80 acres, with 17 plots approved for industrial use, and the Belle Vue Industrial Estate which comprises 76 acres, with 38 pots approved for light industrial use. What we can see from Edan’s portfolio is a range of strategic properties which are focused on supporting the needs of the people and communities in which it operates.  

Unlike typical developers who work in the residential field, Edan focuses on specifically commercial and industrial spaces. Entering into such a vast field as the commercial and industrial property sector may be daunting for most, but Edan has taken it all in its stride, even as a small company, and has worked tirelessly over the last 2 decades to improve the economic landscape of Trinidad and is now one of the largest real estate development companies in the country.  

Just last year a project concept was announced with Edan K. Properties to develop a Gulf View Hotel site. The project concept would include 60-100 rooms, a conference space, meeting rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a fitness centre sitting on roughly 1.8 acres of prime real estate in Southern Trinidad. The hotel would bring greater tourism opportunities to the region, with the location ideally suited as a 3-star business hotel and conference centre. Currently, Trinidad and Tobago is a favourable venue for conferences and events as it is often recognised as a commercial and entertainment centre for the Caribbean. The hotel would join other local attractions including fine dining restaurants, cinemas, and cultural shows at the South Academy of Performing Arts. The project is currently only in the conceptual stage, but Edan is seeking investors who would be interested in leasing.  

Overall, Edan is leading Trinidad’s commercial and industrial real estate business sector with vital investment into the region to support the development of a lucrative and connected business environment. As we have seen from just a few projects under Edan’s existing portfolio, the company has already been a key driver for sustainable development and the enhancement of the social and environmental landscape. We look forward to seeing how Edan continues to take over the commercial and industrial landscape as it continues to make a thriving and profitable business sector to bring continued economic growth to the people of the region.  

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