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Oil Finders Inc.: Investing in Data

The demand for global energy has skyrocketed over the last century, which has left organisations and firms from across the world in search of new and lucrative oil deposits for investment. The acquisition of these multi-billion-dollar oil deposits requires a strict geophysical understanding to ensure that there is substantial data to support investment in each asset. Therefore, international data room providers, such as Oil Finders, consult with oil and gas divestitures from across the world to provide essential seismic data to help investing bodies determine the security of every single deal.  

When investing billions of dollars, companies and banks want to know they are doing so based on science-backed data to ensure assets are worth the investment – this is exactly what Oil Finders is all about. Oil Finders produce data which focuses on providing an essential seismic and geophysical understanding of deposits to help clients best determine their potential. However, what sets Oil Finders apart from its rivals is the personal role the founder and president of the company, Todd Knight, plays in every single data review. Todd leads the company as a self-proclaimed ‘solpreneur’, single-handedly providing personalised seismic data to oil and gas divestitures across the world. Todd’s background in geophysics makes him the perfect person to communicate with leading acquisition specialists at banks and oil firms of all sizes and provide them with the essential knowledge to make investment decisions. This background in geophysics and vast knowledge of the industry has made Oil Finders a leading data specialist which is primed to assist multi-billion dollar deals across the sector every single day.   

One of the central perks of Oil Finders’ operations is its ability to deliver data remotely to companies across the world. As a one-man-band, it would be impossible for Knight to attend every single data review, therefore, Oil Finders can remotely set up a data review which provides acquisition specialists with all the seismic data they need to determine the lucrative nature of an oil deposit. To ensure that every reviewer can best report on the data, Oil Finders utilises a familiar software format for the client to make data reviewing just that much easier for these companies and organisations. This ensures that no matter where reviewing takes place, every bank or firm can make vital investment decisions backed by Oil Finders’ detailed data reports.  

This reputation for vital data information delivered by someone who cares about the science behind every deal is what has marked Oil Finders as a data specialist of choice across the international energy sector. Today, Oil Finders is a trusted third party that works with banks and oil forms of all sizes and in all corners of the globe. From speaking with Todd you can really feel his passion for what he does, and it is this passion which translates to his customers as they know that every data report has been expertly crafted to deliver all the vital information they will need before committing to putting their funds into a project. Todd believes that the application of knowledge and skills is the best way to raise the level of humanity and help make vital investments towards the future of the energy sector.  

However, Todd does highlight how the oil industry is currently being painted as the cause of global warming. We have seen over recent years a real push towards green and renewable energy as the world continues to implement measures to meet carbon reduction goals and slow the rates of global warming. However, for Todd, this image of the energy sector causing global warming threatens to create a challenge to future global energy supplies, and it is likely to discourage new talent from harnessing the energy sector to meet the growing energy demands of the future. Todd talks of hydrocarbons which the world currently relies heavily on to operate and outlines how “hydrogen circularity dovetails with the hydrocarbon economy”, therefore “getting to such a technologically challenging point of hydrogen usage is today worth the endeavour”. Todd notes that every source of energy mankind has used from wood, coal, oil, gas, nuclear, solar and wind has all required leaps in knowledge. It is this leap towards the future of hydrocarbons to find ways of better harnessing their potential for the development of the energy sector which Todd believes is today’s challenge.    

Overall, Oil Finders continues to lead the industry with expertly crafted data room services to help oil firms and banks across the world make vital investments in the future of the energy sector. However, what sets Oil Finders apart from its competitors is founder Todd Knight who personally works with every single client with his passion for helping people and his wealth of knowledge across the industry. This reputation for expertise which is personalised to each investment decision is what has marked Oil Finders as a leading third-party data room provider which is already working with a range of banks and oil firms of all sizes across the world.