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What Hospitality Businesses Can Do if Their Call Answering Service isn’t up to Scratch

As a hospitality business, you need to pride yourself on your customer service, or else you might find that no one bothers to come to your business and that your customers don’t want to repeat their experience with you. If your customers are unable to get through to you by phone or are unhappy with the way that their call went, they’ll consider leaving you a bad review or not booking in for another night at your business.

Then, here are some of the steps that you can take if the call answering service in your business isn’t up to scratch.

Train Their Employees

Often, within a hospitality company, it won’t be the leader of the business who’s answering the phone. This means that you’ll have to rely on your staff to answer the phone properly. If you’re worried that they’re not doing this correctly and that this is putting your customers off, you should try to give your staff members more training.

This training should be engaging, motivating and inspirational, and it should also be comprehensive and cover every situation that your team could find themselves in. You should also make sure that this training doesn’t end in their first few weeks with your company, and that you often run training sessions for your staff to attend and hone their telephone skills. This will mean that they always know what they’re doing and the right way to answer a telephone call.

Find a Reception Outsourcing Business

If your reception consistently garners criticisms in surveys and lets down the rest of your company, you might consider scrapping it altogether. The alternative to an in-person reception is a reception outsourcing business. This type of service will ensure that calls are answered promptly and that people can book a stay with your business over the phone, without you having to employ people to schedule these stays for you.

By allowing a remote company to organise your calls and bookings, you’ll be able to focus on the parts of your totality venture that you’re best at running, such as keeping the rooms looking fresh and the meals delicious.

This means that you should look around for the best reception outsourcing services, such as those offered by Best Reception, as soon as you can.

Swap Your Phones

You might be doing everything right, and yet you might still receive complaints about the way that you answer calls. Any fault with your phones can leave you struggling to hear your customers, and you might find that the line is crackly or that your phones fail to ring.

If you’re finding that your phones are acting as a detriment to your business, you should consider swapping these out for modern alternatives that will last your company a long time and that will do more good than bad for your business. You might consider getting recommendations for these from other business owners within the hospitality industry.

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