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Jordan Aeronautical-Systems Company: Accelerating Airline Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry, the Jordan Aeronautical-Systems Company (JAC) is on a mission to develop the country’s aviation industry and bring an extensive range of services to customers across the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. To achieve this level of success, JAC works every day to ensure that the civil and military aviation market continues to be supplied with vital maintenance, repair, and overhaul services to keep flights moving. However, in order to stay ahead of the curve, JAC remains committed to implementing solutions that follow the ever-changing nature of the aviation market. 

Since its founding in the early 2000s, JAC has spent the last two decades delivering complete aviation solutions, which are focused on providing the most efficient, high-quality quality and valuable services to the aviation market. Therefore, JAC is an approved maintenance organisation, which specialises in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The company’s operations are based in Jordan, and so take advantage of both a stable political and economic climate and its strategic location at the heart of the Middle East. With its operations at the centre of the region, Jordan has easy access to the international aviation industry.  

JAC’s operations are vast but the primary objective is to deliver quality aeronautical systems to ensure crafts are airworthy through a reliable maintenance, repair, testing, and development service. These services have always focused on customer satisfaction, a goal it has been achieving for almost two decades. JAC grants a large part of its success to its employees who operate with strict discipline and adherence to safety regulations. This reputation for discipline provides customers with the confidence that all work carried out by JAC will be efficient and cost-effective, whilst still firmly meeting international safety standards and its customer’s specific needs.  

A crucial service JAC provides is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) which is used to test the latest equipment in the aeronautical industry. All aircraft are provided with level III certified NDT inspection teams, available at the JAC base or in the customer’s location. These teams are equipped with x-ray, eddy current, ultrasonic, magnetic, and fluorescent inspection measures to ensure the safety of a plane. The findings of these reports are written up officially and given to the relevant authorities or OEM to make the necessary improvements, repairs, or certifications. Should a plane need a specific part, JAC also possesses a vast inventory of material which it then sells to customers at a significantly discounted price which is sold either as single items or as complete packages. This two-step operation allows JAC to not only ensure planes are up to code, but that they can then provide all essential parts or necessities via its own inventory.  

One of the great aspects of JAC is that it is equipped to provide its customers with on-call technical services which span from performing light checks to engine removal and installation. This ensures that customers using JAC’s services are supported by a reliable team of engineers backed by the leading airline maintenance expertise. This expertise extends into JAC’s aircraft assessment service which will perform the essential assessment of aircraft for buyers to ensure that any potential problems are seen before customers invest in an aircraft. This service utilises JAC’s highly qualified team of engineers who will look at the overall health of an aircraft, and provide a deep visual inspection, borescope inspection, inventory check, functional check, and document search. This comprehensive assessment provides JAC customers with the confidence that they can make big investment purchases in aircraft backed by the assessment and personal expertise of an international aeronautical specialist company.  

Alongside its assessment and repairs services, JAC also has a variety of offerings including paint services which work across both civilian and military fixed and rotary wing aircraft to ensure the outside of the plane has the correct paint, branding, and design specifications for its duties. This service works alongside operations such as sheet-metal airframe repairs and signage. The level of detail throughout JAC’s services can be felt in every operation, but none more so than the aesthetics of the cabin interior. JAC provides a range of cabin interior design and maintenance services to ensure those travelling with the aircraft experience a comfortable flight. This service highlights JAC’s commitment to helping its customers to succeed; every single detail spanning from the engine to the cabin is carefully considered by JAC and delivered to its customers throughout its service and solution offerings.   

With so much success behind the company, Jordan’s aviation industry has been greatly enhanced by JAC as it continues to provide expert-backed complete aviation solutions, maintenance, repairs, and overhauls to the aircraft industry. However, as we saw during the pandemic, the aviation market can be fickle with constantly changing needs and ever-growing demands. However, this is something JAC already factors into its service offerings but focuses on innovative services, which will allow it to extend its capabilities to work with Airbuses. By extending its offerings, JAC can continue to expand its network across Africa, and into the Central Asia and European markets.  

To achieve this push towards the future, JAC has just appointed a new CEO, Eng. Ayman Al Habahbeh, who brings a wealth of experience across the aviation industry with him. As an avionics and electrical engineer, Al Habahbeh has more than 30 years of experience in the logistics and maintenance aviation sector backed by a deep understanding of aircraft systems. The new CEO is set on a clear vision for transforming JAC towards the future as a state-of-the-art centre for aviation excellence across the maintenance and logistics of the aviation industry. He hopes to leverage the current success of the company and continue to push toward innovative strategies in order to enhance the operational efficiency and quantity of its operations, whilst always ensuring customer satisfaction.  

As we have seen throughout JAC’s vast array of service offerings, it is a pivotal company servicing the aviation industry in the heart of the Middle East. Whilst only being a young company, the wealth of experience across its teams is unmatched and will continue to provide customer satisfaction, international regulatory standards and close attention to detail throughout its every operation. With a new CEO at the helm, we look forward to seeing how he tackles the ever-changing nature of the aviation industry as it continues to expand its aviation network across the Middle East and beyond.  

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