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Carver Companies: Over 30 years of Superior Solutions

As pioneers of solutions across both land and sea, Carver Companies is an umbrella company operation which spans the construction, maritime and aggregates industries. With 12 companies under the Carver Companies brand, it provides superior logistical, cargo handling, construction, management, and materials development services which are united in Carver’s vision to provide these services whilst maintaining its commitment to honesty and integrity every single day.

Carver’s operations can be split into three main divisions: construction, maritime and materials, with plenty of companies spanning these main sectors. However, the first company that kicked off the Carver brand name was Carver Construction which was founded in 1989. The company began with a single crew facilitating digging projects, however today it has expanded into a diversified construction company working across all aspects of site development. This expansion brought together more the 30 years in the industry under the construction company, and today has a combined 130 years of managerial experience across the sector with its employees. Carver Construction now is a regional leader in all aspects of public, commercial and private sector construction across America.

Another key company under Carver’s construction division is Canaday Property Management Services which provides high-quality and reliable maintenance services across the greater Capital District. The company has been in operation for over 25 years and works alongside Carver’s construction business to deliver superior services to facilities to keep them looking and functioning at their very best. This service is available through Canaday in over 14 countries and operates more than 20 sweeper trucks across these areas.

Since Carver began, its maritime sector has vastly developed, and now covers a massive section of its overall operations. Under Carver’s Maritime Sector, there are 8 companies spanning from cargo handling and stevedoring to steelworks and industrial park management. A key company is Carver Maritime Charleston which specialises in handling bulk and breakbulk cargo. Carver Maritime Charleston is known internationally for its diverse range of maritime services which serve vessels travelling from local and international markets. Then following the success of Carver Maritime Charleston, Carver Companies began Carver Maritime Manatee in 2018 which delivers the same level of high-quality cargo and maritime services, but in an even more strategic location in the Tampa Bay Channel. The newer facility accommodates larger vessels with a 40ft water draft. Carver Maritime Manatee is also the closest deep-water port near the Panama Canal, and so it plays an increasingly vital role in connecting America with international shipping lines and markets.

Carver Companies is also the owner of the Port of Coeymans Marine Terminal and the Coeymans Industrial Park. The marine terminal is the central industrial waterfront property for New York and its operations span from handling the modularization of power plants and bridges to the manufacturing and construction of marine projects. Part of the success of the marine terminal comes from it being privately-owned so throughout its operations the owner and employees can work much closer together to deliver a top-quality service to its customers across shipping, processing, warehousing, and logistical needs. The Coeymans Industrial Park, thus, was established with built-to-suite warehousing and facilities to help with the cargo coming from the Coeyman Marine Terminal. The industrial estate now has easy access to all major access points in the Northeast via river, truck, and rail. Therefore, Coeyman Industrial Park provides a fast, efficient, and effective logistical service to help with the development of the Coeyman Marine Terminal.

The final key division of Carver’s operation is in the materials and aggregates sector where it has Carver Sand & Gravel, and Carver Canada. Carver Sand & Gravel began its operations in 1996 as a natural transition for the company from product to service alongside its construction business. The company began by purchasing a rock quarry and focused its operations on developing an Aggregate Industrial Business. Today, this business has grown exponentially, and now covers multiple quarry sites, as well as sandpits, and blacktop plants. These sites are supported by the Carver’s fleet of trucks, which work to take the materials from the quarries and towards end markets. Under Carver Sand & Gravel, there are now 10 locations which are serving vital markets on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of America.

The final, and newest addition to Carver Companies, is Carver Canada a granite quarry and port facility. The company’s operations, located in Bayside in New Brunswick, cover almost 100 acres of waterfront real estate and serve 20 miles of nautical coast along the Atlantic Ocean. Its essential maritime services continue to spread Carver Companies’ reach further into North America.

As we have seen from the vast array of companies under the Carver Companies umbrella, Carver has a stake in multiple of the largest markets operating across America. All of these companies are utilising the knowledge and expertise of the Carver teams to bring an internationally recognised superior service no matter the operation. With each company, Carver boasts multiple projects which are bolstering many local communities across America, and so with this long-term vision for development across the construction, maritime and aggregate industries, Carver Companies is set on transforming each one respectively to create a unified and internationally recognised reputation for Carver Companies in the process.