About Us

Set in the picturesque business centre of Norwich, Great Britain, Littlegate Publishing has established itself a stones throw away from the historic and beautiful city hub.  From here our dedicated editorial team are responsible for representing the fastest growing industries and the individuals making the best decisions. We follow leaders and speak with CEOs, MDs, Presidents and directors in a varied number of industries.

Littlegate Publishing heralds from a long history of bringing business stories and developments to the forefront and providing platform exposure to our diverse audience.  Our approach is twofold; the first is to find the stories that our readers (CEOs through to customers) are interested in reading and second is to develop our readership.

Developing readership is particularly important and we manage this by networking and communicating with people across the sector. Understanding that businesses are always looking for new customers, partners and suppliers we target owners, employers, employees and of course the public to provide our clients with a thoroughly diverse readership.

We value relationships and are plugged into some of the fastest growing sectors of business, so to stay abreast of the latest developments requires regular communication between ourselves and our clients and an honest, open door policy when it comes to our own business and management.

In conclusion, Littlegate Publishing aspires to be an informative and entertaining source of industry news and information and a valued resource to your business model.