Primary Sectors

ENGINEERING – the aspects associated with these companies dealing within this field including mining, oil and gas, mechanical, technological and production. These areas deal with a vast spectrum of responsibilities, from staff safety and training through to project management and direction. These industries have a direct impact on the businesses up chain from them and so keeping up to date with their operations and news is important.

MEDICAL, PHARMACEUTICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL – directly impacting the welfare of millions of people across the globe, these sectors involved scientific research and development in crop sciences and agriculture through to enzyme research. Included are the companies dealing with the distribution, the manufacturing, the waste removal and hundreds of other branching industries.

RETAIL, MERCHANDISING AND PACKAGING- closer to the consumer. From major retail stores with global outlets to the small packaging firms climbing the ladder of success to become major players, a new discovery or invention in this area could change an industry forever and Endeavour will be there to capture it and give it a platform to the international market.

FOOD AND AGRICULTURE – whether the owner of a business or a customer of one, you want to know where the safest food sources come from: Who is dealing with it and how. Farmlands in Africa to packaging mammoths in UK we will bring it to the forefront for your information and satisfaction.

ENTERTAINMENT – the fastest rising stars and what are they doing to climb the ladder to become successful. Here we have a regular written column by Donnie Rust one of Britain’s comedic and entertainment stars focussing on the best steps for newcomers to take to grow and develop themselves, and interviews with stars and celebrities.