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Endeavour Asia Pacific

  When you think of the Asia-Pacific region, you would probably imagine beautiful beaches and forests, alongside amazing wildlife and marine animals. Although this is most certainly true from a tourism point of view, in a business mindset, all...

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Coffee Break

How To Be An Effective Leader

Today we want to share with you a few tips and suggestions around how to be an effective leader.  Image Pixabay – Pixabay License  Accept your role The first thing we would suggest is that you accept the role that you have to play. You might...

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Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine January 2020

2020 has a good ring to it, doesn’t it? It’s a satisfying-looking date, and with it, there’s the implied promise of a fresh start, a positive future, or the next step in our current journey. It’s time to review our ‘2020 Visions’ and see which goals...

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