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    5 Things To Remember When Your Car Breaks Down

    Owning a car means one thing – it will break down at some point in its life. Just like death and taxes are certain in life, so is your car shuddering to a stop by the side of the road. It is an occupational hazard of driving and something you have to accept if you buy a car. The trick isn’t to prevent the car from breaking down in the first place – the trick is how you react. You never know when and where it is going to happen, so it is pointless worrying. However, if you act accordingly, it won’t matter what the problem is or where you are.

    1.       Get It Off The Road

    A car that can’t move is a sitting duck. If there are cars speeding past at a rate of knots, you need to get it out of harm’s way. Otherwise, you could end up on the wrong side of an accident. The safest thing to do is to try and push it to the side of the road. If the car is on a decline or a flat surface, it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Then, put your hazard lights on to warn the other drivers on the road. You can only attempt to fix the issue when you are not in any danger.

    1.       You Need Roadside Assistance

    The only people that can help you are professionals that deal with these issues on a daily basis. If your tyre blows, for example, you need to get in touch with the people at They provide a mobile service that will come and fit a tyre as soon as possible. Or, if there is a problem with the electrics, you need or RAC. You can’t call your mum and dad for help when your car breaks, so make sure you have your breakdown cover handy.


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    1.       Ring For Help

    If you are a member of a breakdown service, ring them and ask them for their help. With any luck, they might be able to offer assistance without having to send out a recovery team. Then, you can fix the issue yourself and drive away in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, they might have to come and fix your car by the side of the road or tow it to your local garage. Regardless of their course of action, you need their help.For more breakdown cover pros, visit

    1.       Stay With The Car

    It is vital that you stay with the car as the recovery team won’t perform any tasks without you present. You can’t ring them and then get a lift home because they will just leave the car by the side of the road. Plus, motorways and busy roads are dangerous places to walk around. Staying with your car helps keep you safe.

    1.       Don’t DIY It

    Some problems might seem easy, like a flat tyre. Well, nothing is easy when cars are going past at 70mph. The best option is to leave it to the pros even if you know what is wrong.