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Paccar Winch. The Finest in the World.

What does it take to make a truly great company? A company lasts throughout the decades because it focusses on getting the best of every day. This is probably why the history of PACCAR Winch Division is such an inspiring one.

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Comprising of three individual brand divisions including Braden, Carco and Gearmatic, you cannot look at PACCAR Winch Division without taking the time to appreciate the three businesses that comprised it.


Braden’s history began in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1924 with the Braden Steel Corporation. Originally they supplied equipment for the oil fields that included drive heads for popping shallow wells. Glenn Braden’s close involvement with oil production and the automobile entering the American industrial age coincided in 1927 where he introduced the first Braden truck mounted winch, designed for unloading and positioning loads in the oil fields.

When, in 1930 Glenn Braden unfortunately passed away, his estate, along with Braden Steel Corporation, was placed in the care of Colonial trust and three years later, with a total capital of $1,100, TJ Schuetz entered an agreement with Colonial Trust and formed Braden Winch Service Company.

Six years later, the company was changed to Braden Winch and their current facility is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which was erected in 1946 to facilitate Braden’s rapid growth during and after the war effort.


Meanwhile in Seattle, Carco had been supplying freight cars and rail cars to the nations growing railway system. The Pacific Northwest was a corridor for timber operations and railheads heading north. Carco began manufacturing job-specific equipment for the timber industry in 1932 with the introduction of their first yarding winch. As the rail industry faded in the post-war years, Carco’s focus was supplying the timber operators with winches and hauling tackle. Carco winch products were developed alongside the world’s first track driven dozer’s in the great northwest forests.


Gearmatic began as a manufacturer of power transmissions in late 1946 in Vancouver, B.C. Planetary gear train designs have been a central feature since first pioneered by Gearmatic. Over years of service, Gearmatic units have always been the ‘Swiss watch’ of winches.

It was in 1983 that these three companies were brought together to form PACCAR Winch Division, relocating two of them to Braden’s manufacturing facility in Broken Arrow. The move resulted in the industry’s most dynamic and flexible manufacturer.

A synergy of knowledge and experience was born by consolidating these three companies into one division of PACCAR and it has led to the highest quality supply of winch, hoist and drive systems in the world.


Making the best out of the time and the expertise and making smart use of their ability to innovative, research and develop, PACCAR Winch Division has become the industry leader in the design and manufacture of winches, hoists and drive systems, servicing a diverse and growing customer base that consists of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers.

Backed by a solid foundation of proven industry and application knowledge, their research and development engineers utilise the latest design technology including Six Sigma (DFSS), Pro-E and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to provide precision component designs, robust assemblies and rugged products. Additionally, their engineering staff conducts comprehensive testing to ensure that all products and components perform to customer specifications.

PACCAR understand that their products will be used in demanding circumstances, by customers that will rely on their products to keep their businesses running and while, tragically, a customer may never thank them when their product outlasts all their competition, they will certainly choose an alternative if the quality of their product falls below par. To be certain, PACCAR Winch Division has simply chosen to make exceptional quality something that they can be known and recognised for.

Indeed, this exceptional quality is the cornerstone of PACCAR and is the reason design, construction and service are never compromised. ISO 9001, ANSI, API, DNV, ABS and SAE are some of the certifications and standards PACCAR Winch Division pursues and they build the world’s best winches, not simply by meeting industry standards, but by setting them.


The new PD18D Composite Utility Bumper is over 54kgs lighter than the standard bumper packages and this one is capable of 20,000 lbs first layer line pull. It is corrosion resistant, as it is designed and manufactured with composite material to endure all environments and with an improved style it will complement the new aerodynamic body styles, which many other bumpers are unable to accommodate. In short, the PD18D Composite Utlity Bumper has the lowest weight and the longest life of any other bumper in the industry.

The CH280A Series planetary winch is a high performance product designed to provide many years of service and comes with some inspiring standard features including multi-disc brake – spring applied and hydraulically released; anti-friction bearings for maximum efficiency and multi-stage planetary reduction.

Some optional features that could increase the winches ability to meet specific, bespoke requirements include gear ratios, hydraulic motors (gear, vain, piston), drum sizes and mounting configurations

The Carco Model H60 is a hydraulically driven winch featuring a triple reduction planetary winch drive system enclosed in a large welded housing that mounts on the rear of a crawler tractor. This winch is driven by a hydraulic motor which depends upon the tractor hydraulic system for power. The delivery of the oil supply to the winch motor varies with specific tractor design. Designed to set the standard for precise load control in applications like pipeline construction, phosphate mining, power line sagging and heavy construction, this model also features a sprag-type, over-running brake clutch ensuring no fall-back when the winching operation is stopped; a spring applied hydraulically released multi-disc static brake holds the load when no power is applied to the winch and also remains applied during haul-in and an equal speed gearing with power-in and power-out

Braden GH30 Planetary Hoist and the GH30 Series planetary winch are high performance products designed to provide many years of service. Standard features are similar to the Carco Model H60, which is in-keeping with the high authority of PACCAR’s designs and product manufacturing.

People and Process

Of course, the true backbone of PACCAR Winch Division is found within their contingent of employees. These talented and highly skilled individuals define, measure, analyse, improve and control each process, ensuring defect-free products by focussing their attention on one product at a time. Continual process education and refinement has led to the most innovative and advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry and each product is hand-built and inspected by a qualified associate.

Considering that across their manufacturing, assembly, service, and sales forces there are over four centuries worth of field experience, they strive to maintain a knowledgeable and diverse network of internal resources to sell, supply and service the finest winch and drive systems in the world.

Treating the customer right is not only a case of selling the best equipment, but also offering the best aftersales too. When products continue to perform for 20 years, 30 years or more, substantial credit belongs to outstanding parts and service support. PACCAR Winch Division products are supported by an entire department dedicated to providing the best parts, service and technical support in the industry. Comprehensive service literature, factory training schools, online parts, service information and phone support all ensure information and technical data is available when it’s needed.


PACCAR Winch Division is committed to continuously strengthening the Company’s market position through unwavering dedication to growth, quality, value and service, while securing the future with appropriate investments into employees, equipment and technologies. In coming years, the Company plans to continue reaching new heights of customer satisfaction and product design. New innovative products will be introduced to the marketplace, maintaining the same high standards for design and practicality PACCAR products have delivered since 1905.

Above all, the Company’s goal will remain the same; to have passion and drive to be the best and to offer the finest value and the highest quality winch, hoist and drive systems in the world.