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Tailor4less Reveals its Revolutionary Online Designer


The innovative technology allows for improved use and real-timeproduct visualization  

Tailor4less, ​the ​fastest made-to-measure​ company ​in the world​, is thrilled to announce its new online shirt designer – never before has a tailor provided such a realistic online view to its customers.

 The company is proud to be the first fashion brand to provide this ultra-realistic visualization. All of the garments have been developed with multidimensional models which provide a detailed, real-time visualization of custom designs. It allows the customer to view the product from all angles (including folded!), and to view details in a very realistic manner: cuffs, collars, pockets, button thread color, to mention a couple.

The new shirt designer can be used on any device, at any location. All the customer needs in order to have his clothes tailored and customized to his liking, is simply access to internet. Tailor4less is constantly coming up with innovate ideas on how to simplify its services for the customer.

With perfect fit ensured, ​ ​fastest delivery in the world, and a brand new designer, it makes it one of a kind within the online tailor industry.

About Tailor4less:  

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Tailor4less’ products are sold online worldwide. Office places include Shanghai, Barcelona, and Zürich. Tailor4less offers a unique sizing system to its customers; the customer simply inserts his height, weight, and physical shape and the advanced technology calculates the body measurements.