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Turing Robot Operating System Installed in Doraemon Toys Soon to Be Launched in China

Turing Robot, one of China’s leading AI robotics companies, is to install its AI-level Turing operating system (OS) into toy robots of Doraemon set to be commercialized in China.

As one of Japan’s most famous cartoon characters, the toy Doraemons will be loaded with the Turing OS AI-driven robot operation system that can simulate human affection and thinking. And yes, if this reminds you of the storyline seen in Toy Soldiers then well done, you were born in the 90s.

small soliders

Turing OS is also capable of multimodal human-machine interaction, including multidimensional input methods such as text, voice, touch and environment, and multidimensional output methods such as text, voice, facial expressions and body language. Turing Robot acquired venture capital investment of over RMB 1 million in 2015, in response to the growing popularity of the toy robotics industry in recent years.

What this means it that now toys will be able to play with children. Which again, is the plot line for hundreds of horror films, nightmare books, doomsday scenarios and Disney film. Surely, when the world’s geniuses are suggesting we don’t make artificial intelligence, putting it in the hands of a child is the worst possible thing. Have we not seen how children treat their toys?

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