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3 Successful Men In The Media To Learn Business Lessons From

Need a boost of inspiration? Here are three successful men in the media who you can learn valuable business lessons from.


From Mark Dubowitz learn… the value of having many strings to your bow

The Executive Director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Mark Dubowitz is one busy man. As Executive Director, he is directly involved in all of the projects and causes run by the organization. The Foundation was created with the aim of fighting terrorism and promoting freedom. However, this is by no means all he does. He is also a writer and has contributed articles to the like of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Washington Post. He also appears on a number of television shows and broadcasts, including CNN, CBC, and Fox News. He is also a co-author and a teacher at the University of Toronto. This is not to mention his capability for engaging a captive audience on social media. Mark Dubowitz also has a very active Twitter profile, with over 15,000 tweets shared to nearly 7 and a half thousand followers. He is a fantastic example of a man with many skills, all of which he puts to the very best use.

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From Owen Jones, learn … to stand up for what you believe in

Owen Jones is a relatively young journalist at 31 but has enjoyed an illustrious career already. One of his principal roles is as a columnist for The Guardian UK. However, he is also invited to contribute as a commentator on a variety of shows. He recently appeared on the UK television show ‘The Big Questions’. Here, he debated British Colonialism alongside a panel and in front of a live audience. Following the massacre in Orlando in June 2016, he also appeared on a Sky News broadcast. During the broadcast, he, as he later explained, feel as if he was not allowed to express his views as a gay man. He walked off set during filming and later wrote this article to explain his actions.

Whether you agree with Owen Jones viewpoints or not, his willingness to stand up for what he believes in is inspirational. It takes a real strength of character to refuse to continue a public interview further. Of course, walking out of the next difficult business meeting you have might not be the best idea. But do always be brave and bold enough to stick to your opinions and try and get your voice heard.


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From Alan Sugar, learn… the value hard work

Alan Sugar is today one of the most successful businessmen the UK has ever seen, but it hasn’t always been that way. He is actually from an incredibly poor background but started work at 11 years old. His business Amstrad made him a rich and successful man. Since then, his hard work has led him to many rewards. He was named Sir in the year 2000 and then made a Lord in the year 2009. Financially, it is reported that he has a person wealth of £770 million. He is also the face of the UK version of The Apprentice, a very popular TV show. Despite now being nearly 70 and having already had so much success, Alan Sugar continues to work as a philanthropist. Be inspired by this man’s life work and apply the same values and attitude to your own work.