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5 Home Maintenance Issues You’ve Been Ignoring That Need Sorting Now!

It’s very easy to ignore both the regular maintenance jobs and the DIY that needs doing in our own homes. We stop seeing the cracks in the wall or the peeling paint after a while. It doesn’t mean that they go away, though! It’s important to sort these problems early, to stop things deteriorating or breaking down altogether. Check out our list below to see how many jobs require your urgent attention.



Is your wall paper looking a bit sad? It your white paint more of a gray color? Then get it sorted! Don’t try and do the whole house at once. Pick one room and deal with the decorating issues in there first. Plug any holes or cracks with filler. Steam off old wallpaper and sand down the walls before you apply the new. Don’t forget to cover your furniture with dust sheets to save the from paint splatters and try Frog Tape when you are edging in for an easy straight line.


Central Heating


While it’s sunny we may not think much about our central heating, but believe me, you will when the snow starts to fall. Make sure your central heating system is ready for the winter season by getting your boiler regularly serviced. Boiler servicing is not expensive, and it could save you from an ice-cold shower on a winter morning!




Next how is your garden doing? Is is neat, tidy and full of flowers and butterflies? Or is, is more of a wilderness reserve, and you’re sure you saw bigfoot wander through the other day? If the latter is the case, then you better get weeding! Pull out all the unwanted plants with your hand or by using a telescopic tool like this, which is easier on your back.  Then sow some new seeds or pre-grown shrubs in your garden beds. You also need to make sure that your grass is up to scratch. If it is looking a bit patchy, try sprinkling some grass seed to get that fuller lush effect.




Back indoors now! How are you carpets looking? If you have kids, pets or a clumsy house mate, they may have seen better days? Stains can be removed with home treatments available from the supermarket. If the carpet has particularly bad stains or is dirty all over then hire a professional carpet cleaner instead.


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If you carpet is looking a little threadbare, then it may be time for some new flooring. You don’t have to go for carpet again, though. You can choose from hardwood, laminate or stone floors.




Are you cleaning your windows inside and out on a regular basis? If not you should be. Cleaning the inside windows is easy enough, and it stops any mildew growing as a result of condensation. If outside is an issue, ask your neighbors if they can recommend a window cleaner. This is a particularly good idea if you have very high or difficult to get to windows, as a window cleaner will be set up for just such jobs.