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Simple Ways To Become An Assertive Leader

Communication skills are something that every business owner needs to have. From talking to employees to answering customer’s emails, it’s required on a daily basis in all aspects of your business. As the owner, it’s your job to lead your team to success. To do this, you might want to consider becoming more assertive. This is a behavioral and communication skill that is direct but respectful of the opinions of others. It can also assist in keeping employees satisfied by reducing conflict and building relationships. This can boost productivity and increase performance. Read through these simple ways to learn how to become an assertive leader to benefit your business.




Get some training


Are you passive, aggressive or assertive? The best way to find out is by completing an online questionnaire or by attending a specialist workshop. This is a vital first step as it will help you to learn more about your behavior and how you communicate with others. It can provide you with techniques on speaking, listening and body language. The training might also teach you about complicated scenarios and how to deal with them effectively. You can attend the sessions individually or get the rest of your team involved too. This will show them you are actively trying to make a positive change. Training will vary in content, quality and length so do your research before committing.


Remain calm


In business, mistakes can be made, and things can go wrong at any moment. You and your staff are only human after all. But this can often lead to frustration, arguments, and disagreements. To be an assertive leader you need to practice remaining calm at all times. Staying calm will give you respect from your employees, and they will look to you to assist them in solving the issue. Plus it will help you become more equipped to finding a quick solution. It’s important that you find an effective way of staying calm, even when the situation seems catastrophic. This could be counting to ten, breathing exercises or saying a favorite motto out loud. This is another area that is often covered in communication workshops and training. Find what works for you and put it into action whenever relevant.




Listen to your team


Sometimes your employees may disagree with your ideas or opinions on certain projects or aspects of your business. Instead of overlooking them, take the time to ask them to explain their reasonings. They might have a better idea or feel that your idea needs developing. Even if you don’t agree with their response, making the effort to listen shows respect. This will be appreciated by your team and make them more inclined to talk more openly to you in future. It will also encourage them to listen carefully when you talk to them.


Some of the most successful business use assertive behavior and communication skills. Unless you are a naturally assertive person, it may take time for you to master it. But be patient and you’ll see an improvement in multiple areas of your business in no time.