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How Hazards Can Be Avoided On Construction And Engineering Jobs

There are many hazards situations that can arise when a construction or engineering job is being undertaken. That’s why strong safety measures have to be put in place to ensure that nothing goes wrong that could put lives at risk. These days, those safety measures are very comprehensive. Read on to find out how they function.


Emergency Stops


One of the biggest threats to employee health on these kinds of big projects comes from the machinery. Machinery can be handled safely, but there is always a chance that something could go wrong. And when large pieces of machinery are being used when there are other people are around, then this can cause big problems. That’s why there needs to be an option to shut things down quickly.


Emergency stop buttons can be found on any machinery that is potentially dangerous. The button will instantly shut everything down and set it to a safe mode as soon as it’s pressed. This can be helped to free someone who is trapped or stop someone from being dragged into machinery. Clothes and hair getting caught in machinery and dragging people towards it can happen.


Electrical Testing


Electrical equipment needs to be tested regularly to stop accidents occurring on these jobs. Every electrical component that is going to be used as part of the project has to be put through a quality assurance test. Diagnostic testing is usually carried out as well. All this testing helps to find faults in the electricals. It can stop problems arising later on in the process.


There are laws that make it clear that these electrical components have to be made safe before they’re used. People can be very seriously injured if an electrical fault occurs when they are using a component. Testing is very quick, so it’s essential that this is done. Companies could be breaking the law if they fail to carry out the most basic electrical testing processes.


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Radars and Scanning


If the project being undertaken requires any kind of digging or drilling to take place, then there are specific dangers. It’s possible that pipes or electrical wiring under the ground could be hit and damaged. That’s why it’s so important to find out what is below the earth before any digging or drilling begins. These days, find this out has never been easier thanks to new forms of technology.


Many companies now use a ground penetrating radar to check for metal objects that might be lurking under the ground. They can then make sure that their drilling processes don’t run into any nasty surprises and cause trouble for anyone. Radars and scanners of this kind are very easy to use and they can save companies a lot of time and trouble. That’s why so many are investing in them.




Simple maintenance is one of those things that we can take for granted. It’s more important than many of realise though. When people don’t carry out basic maintenance tasks on pieces of equipment, it can deteriorate. The equipment could then become unsafe for use without anyone even realising. Maintenance helps to ensure that everything is functioning as it should do.


When there is a big task being undertaken, there will usually be one person who is hired to take care of this. Maintenance is something that is about both the short-term and the long-term. Cleaning and checking machinery is a type of maintenance that should happen every single day. And then there are other tasks that are carried out on machinery that focus on its long-term condition.


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Inspections and Assessments


There are strong regulations that oversees these industries. Without these regulations, it would be impossible to keep unscrupulous companies in check. But have rules and regulations in place is certainly not enough on its own. Something more needs to happen to make sure that everyone is following those rules and regulations. That’s where the inspectors and assessors step in.


Inspections are always carried out when a big project is being undertaken. They are independent of the companies that are involved, so there is no danger of preferential treatment being given. The inspector then has to ensure that everything is being carried out in the safe and proper way. If it’s not, then warnings will be given, and the companies involved will be obliged to make the necessary changes. If not, then fines or closures could follow.


Careful Selection of Materials


Most projects in the world of construction and engineering require certain materials. Selecting these materials is important for many reasons. The materials obviously have to have the strength to be able to deal with the project that is being undertaken. And they should also be safe to handle. Any hazardous and dangerous materials that are used should be handled and managed with extreme caution.


This is something that is even more important when something is being constructed. A building, for example, is going to be occupied with people. That’s why potentially dangerous materials, such as asbestos, are no longer used. If the material has the potential to harm the health of the people who will use the building in the end, then it can’t be used in the first place.




When people start working for a company, it’s essential that they get the right training. If people are not capable of safely working in a construction or engineering environment, they could make mistakes. And in an industry as dangerous as these ones, mistakes often mean injuries. There are severe repercussions for anyone who is caught up in some sort of accident on a project like this.


Training should be carried out before any actual work begins. It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that everyone that’s working for them is capable of doing so. They should also check all the individual licenses and permits that are often needed to work in these industries. Hiring people who don’t have the right paperwork to back them up can be against the law. And companies that do it can be punished.


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