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Selling A Car As A Private Owner? Here’s How To Get A Sale

There is nothing wrong with buying a car from a private owner, yet there are lots of people that wouldn’t go near one. As a private dealer, you need to start debunking these myths so that you can start selling cars. The more people that believe that private car dealers are cowboys, the less money you will make. It is a simple piece of logic. The question is, ‘how do you instil trust in the eyes of the buyer?’ It isn’t an easy job as trust isn’t something you can switch on and off like a lightbulb. However, it isn’t impossible if you make the right moves. Here are a few moves that will come in handy for any private car dealer.


Register With The MID


A great place to start is with the MID. The MID is the Motor Insurance Database, and it is the central record for every car in the UK with insurance. It is that important that the police and government use the database to enforce insurance law throughout the United Kingdom. Obviously, it doesn’t look good if your car isn’t in the database. To the buyer, it will look as if there is something wrong with the car. Maybe the car doesn’t have insurance even though you said it did, or maybe it is stolen or not your car. Whatever the answer, these questions will run through the head of the buyer. A car that is on the MID website is much more trustworthy. It isn’t hard to do, so make sure it is a priority.


Get An MOT


An MOT is a Ministry of Transport test that proves that the car is driveable. And, because the test is reputable, it means a lot in the eyes of the buyer. In fact, an MOT can be the difference between a sale and rejection. Without one, there will always be a little bit of doubt in the back of their mind. Even if you have an existing MOT, consider taking it in for a new one. A recent test will show the buyer that the car is in good condition now and that it passes all of the recent requirements. If the car has one that is ten months old, it doesn’t look very trustworthy. Rules and regulations change and you need to prove that the car passes the new rules.


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Show Them The Vehicle History Report


What makes most buyers cautious is the fact that they don’t know much about the car. After all, you could be trying to sell them a shed on wheels. And, they will always think that to a degree. But, you can put their minds to rest by showing them the vehicle’s history report. The report shows them every piece of maintenance that has gone on with the car over the course of your ownership. As long as your description and the report match, you should be able to convince them you are legitimate. No matter how small it may seem, don’t leave anything out of your description. If they see something on the report that you didn’t mention, they will lose faith.




Obviously, the car needs insurance. But, you can take care of that by registering with the MID. What you need is extra insurance. As a trader, you need to cover your back in case you fall foul of a public liability claim. When the member of the public turns up to view the car, you are liable for any damages that relate to the car. Without traders insurance, there is a higher risk for both you and the buyer. Buyers that understand the motor trade industry know what this insurance means. To them, it means that they are safe and secure should anything go wrong. Although it might not seem like it will make a difference, the right insurance will encourage them to come and view the vehicle.


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Give Them A Test Drive


Even with all of the above, the buyer won’t be satisfied until they get behind the wheel of the car. So, let them have a test drive. A seller that doesn’t looks like someone that has something to hide. It instantly makes the buyer uneasy because they start to wonder why you aren’t very forthcoming. In all honesty, there is no reason not to offer them the opportunity to go for a spin. For those of you that think they will drive off, ask them to leave a valuable possession behind.


Finally, be open as closed-off people don’t seem like they are telling the truth.