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Biggest Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs


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Traditionally, it’s fair to say that when you think about an entrepreneur, it will be a male figure in your mind’s eye. However, there has been a real shift of the sexes in recent years, and there are more women than ever becoming entrepreneurs. But the garden is still not as rosy as it could be. Many women face several key issues when they start a business – and we’re going to reveal some of the biggest in the is guide. Read on to find out more.

It’s still a male-dominated world


If you are a female entrepreneur, you will find that the vast majority of people you talk business with will be men. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a networking event or a seminar, you will still be in the minority. If you are a confident woman, this won’t be a problem – but it still might have an impact you are unaware of. You might start being more aggressive or cutthroat, for example, in an attempt to display a male attitude to business. Be careful that your underlying fears don’t end up working against you, and never conform to anyone else’s idea of how you should behave.


It’s hard to get funding


Finding investment for a business is a lot harder for women than it is for men. This is especially true when it comes to seeking private investment from venture capital firms. If you are on the search for a VC, you are more likely to succeed if they are a firm run by a woman. Given the vast majority are male, however, you can see where the problem might lie. So, take a look around for some of the many other resources for female entrepreneurs instead. There is a lot of government funding options to explore, as well as grants from charities and private business organizations. You just need to be a little more resourceful in your approach.


Work life balance


We would all love the perfect work-life balance. However, when it comes to starting a business, you have to put everything into your idea to make it a success. It means long hours, plenty of financial investment, and a lot of compromises. But what if you are a mother and have to look after a young family? It can be incredibly tough to balance a healthy and happy life at home while forging ahead with your business. You will feel guilty – a lot – particularly if you have to miss your children’s special events at school, for example. It’s the maternal instinct taking effect – and it’s something that men don’t tend to suffer.




Finally, men in business tend to be a lot more confident than women. They will laud their successes a lot more, and feel comfortable in their abilities as a leader. Many female entrepreneurs struggle with this and find it hard to brag about their skills and successes. It’s a more admirable quality, for sure, but it can cause problems. Business successes should be shouted from the rooftops, not kept quiet. Try to recognize the value of your ideas and talents, and don’t scrutinize yourself quite so much.