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How To Avoid High Levels Of Employee Turnover

You don’t have to look far in order to come across businesses that struggle to keep their employees. One year, they’re flourishing with excellent talent. The next, that talent has all but disappeared, and the business is back to square one. But, why does this happen? Why is turnover such a big problem for so many businesses? Here are some possible reasons, and how to avoid them.



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Overworked Staff


Turnover often occurs in big companies where the management doesn’t even know the names of their employees! This is where these workers will be piled with work without any consideration for the stress they’re being put under. You need to make sure you keep a track of how much work you’re loading these employees with. If you keep doing it, they’ll eventually grow sick and tired of it. When a new job opportunity arises, they’ll take it without any hesitation.


Low Pay


Everyone wants to strive to achieve as much money as possible. If you’re intent on paying your workers the lowest wage you can, you can’t expect them to stick around. Also, you’re not going to be getting top-quality workers unless you’re lucky, so you lose all round! Consider paying them a bigger wage if you can afford to, or accept that they might be out the door soon.


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Poor Recruitment


There’s a lot of people out there that will apply for anything that comes along, even if they don’t feel totally qualified. Hey, it’s work, right?! If you’re going to be the one to give them an opportunity despite their lack of suitability, you’re the one that will pay for that decision. They might fail so badly that you have to fire them, or they’ll just quit on their own. If you don’t know how to handle recruitment, seek outsourced help, especially if you’re doing an executive search. You can’t afford to ruin your business by hiring the wrong employees.


Monotonous Work


We as humans aren’t programmed to enjoy boring, dull work. Eventually, it all gets a bit too much, and we stop putting as much effort into it. You’ve got to find a way to keep those workers engaged and excited to do their job. If you just leave them alone and never pay attention to them, it’s going to create the wrong impression. Do what it takes to show a genuine interest, and vary their workloads as much as you possibly can.


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Bad Management


Many of the issues we’ve talked about today centre around bad management skills. This is a common reason why employees seek alternative employment as quickly as possible. You can’t afford to neglect the happiness of your employees. If you look after your workers, you’ll get more productivity out of them. Forcing them to work extremely hard for extended periods of time with no respite will only get you so far.


It’s not all that hard to avoid employee turnover! Start by looking for any cracks in your management skills, and the rest should follow.