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You may not realize it. But, your workplace could be a breeding ground for all kinds of safety hazards! It doesn’t matter whether one is careless or absent-minded. The things they do (or don’t do) could affect the safety of others around them.


With that in mind, it’s critical to lower the risk of workplace safety hazards. Here are some of the top hazards, along with some tips on how to avoid them:

Electrical wiring


Sometimes the insulation of electrical cords can become frayed. As a result, the inner core becomes exposed. You don’t need me to tell you what would happen if you touched that exposed wiring!


How to avoid: Carry out periodic inspections of all electrical wiring. Replace any wires that appear damaged or worn.




They are useful machines in a warehouse environment. The problem is, some staff feel compelling to “cut corners” when using them. As a result, there is a higher risk of injuring their co-workers – or even themselves!


How to avoid: Ensure all loads are level. Drivers should alert others of their presence when entering blind corners.




Sometimes employees don’t correctly handle the chemicals they use in their roles. It can pose a significant danger to human health. Especially if the chemicals in question are toxic or corrosive.


How to avoid: Make sure all staff get chemical handling training. Chemicals should also get stored in safe, locked and designated locations.


Working At Height


It might shock you to learn that some workers don’t take the right safety precautions. Especially when working at a great height. As a result, they could end up with serious injuries. Some of them could even prove to be fatal.


How to avoid: It’s vital they use the right equipment, such as mobile elevated work platforms:


Infographic Created By APL Aerial Platforms