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Why Nobody Cares About Your Food Business

If you have a food business and you’re struggling to stay afloat, you probably feel very disheartened. After all, when people start businesses, they put their heart and soul into it. Nobody wants their business idea, often considered to be their ‘baby’, to fail. Want to know why nobody cares about your food business? This post will fill you in.

You Picked An Obscure Location

If you’re running a food business and you expect people to come to you to eat, then location is one of the most important things you can possibly take your time over. Please don’t take that old business advice, ‘build it and they will come’. This isn’t always the case, especially if you’ve picked a weird location for your business. No matter how different your business is, it’s highly unlikely people will travel far and wide, even into the middle of nowhere to eat there. Nobody cares about your food business because you made it too hard to access.



Failing To Use Your Product In The Right Context

If you have a food product that you’re selling, you could very well be using it in the wrong context. Think of this before you panic and take it off the shelves! Sometimes, simply moving your product to a different area, close to products of a different type can change the context and make people understand it better.

You’re Not Retaining Customers Well

Are you focusing on retaining customers? Getting new customers is amazing, but focusing on those alone could be harming your business. You really want to make sure you retain customers who have already eaten with you or ordered from you. Look up techniques for customer retention. Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting their email address.

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Your Product Just Isn’t Very Good

Be honest. Is your product the best it can be? Whether you’ve developed a new and innovative protein bar or you’re serving food in a restaurant, it needs to be of the highest quality and standard. Sometimes, finding the right people to work with can be the solution to this problem. Water treatment chemicals and businesses who focus on similar things could help you to create the best product.

Your Customer Service Isn’t Up To Scratch

Customer service is one of the most important things about running any business. If you’re not making sure the customer is happy, answering queries and dealing with complaints properly, you’re not going to get the recognition you should be getting. Your customers will be able to tell whether you truly care about them or not.


You Haven’t Got A Unique Selling Point

Having a unique selling point differentiates your business from the rest. It makes people choose you over your competitors. It’s a must in any industry or business. Looking at restaurants and businesses like Nando’s, Pizza Hut, and Nakd – they each have unique selling points that draws people to them. Make sure you have one too.

Take this advice and people will start talking about your business!