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How the U.S. Can Improve its National Security

We all know how much on an issue national security is, and how much of a role it plays in daily life. Did you know that one of the major concerns for most Americans is that anti-terrorism policies haven’t gone far enough to protect them? And these are some of the best ways the country can go about improving its national security.


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Focus on Cyber Security

Perhaps the greatest existential security threat to the US, and the world, over the past decade is cyber security. Computers and IT have developed so much, and the internet rules the world nowadays. As such, there are many more cyber criminal trends, and risks to security by way of computers and the internet. So, there are a lot of plans and preparations that need to be put in place to prevent cyber security breaches. The government needs to have plans to deal with this before it spirals out of control. There are a lot of economic cyber security threats that may have a negative effect on the country, and these need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye on the Watch List

The US government and the FBI all have files on terrorism suspects. Did you know the FBI keeps a ‘Most Wanted’ list of the top most wanted criminals in the US, and the world? This is a list that needs to be watched very closely to ensure that the country isn’t put at risk. Letting serious criminals and terrorists slip through the cracks is never a good thing. The Foundation for Defense of Democracies regularly debates this issue. They are a think tank focused on debating issues of national security, and coming up with strategies and solutions. They often discuss various ‘Watch Lists’ and how to ensure they

Have More Stringent Border Control

The border control argument is one that has raged for many years, and will continue to do so. This is not just an issue in the USA, but worldwide too. Yes, as developed and civilized nations we should be opening our borders and welcoming people. But, there do need to be more stringent checks and processes involved. It’s not as simple as just stopping people from coming in. But, the government needs to make sure they have more control over who comes in. Speaking to the embassies of other nations would be a good way of flagging up any individuals who are potential risks to national security.


Flag up Anything Related to Terrorism

There will be certain things that may trigger warning signs of terrorist activity. For instance, checking out books on certain topics. Or carrying out internet searches for, say, bombs. The US government began to collect telephone and internet data post-9/11. And, though 54% of Americans disapprove of this, it has yielded positive outcomes. It’s important for the country, and the government, to come up with anything they feel may relate to possible terrorist activity. Of course, a degree of common sense must come into play as well. But, flagging these things as early as possible helps in the process of tracking people who may be a risk. This is an important area of national security that needs to be taken seriously.

Since 9/11 the US has become much more aware of the risks it faces as a nation. However, the world is changing, and it is becoming easier for people to breach security. The safety of the country and its people is now more at risk than ever before, and from lots of different places.