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Holiday Hotspots: What Not To Miss in Hoi An

Holiday Hotspots: What Not To Miss in Hoi An

Hoi An Tours are plentiful and abundant, and that’s because Hoi An in a city bursting with history and culture. From the 18th century covered Japanese bridge to the full moon lantern festival, Hoi An has many events and activities anyone can enjoy. We have assembled a short list of things that are absolutely not to be missed in your journey through Hoi An.

Old Town

A UNESCO World Heritage site, and a large part of what makes up Hoi An, is the area known as Old Town.

Aptly named, as it was constructed between the 15th and 19th centuries, Old Town is a collection of one thousand one hundred and seven timber framed buildings, each unique and each showing signs of influence by the many cultures that intersected in Hoi An in it’s heyday. Tours of the Old Town are well worth the money spent, as they take you through the town and show you the history of each building, and tell you the stories that unravel before your eyes from house to temple and throughout the still remaining original street plan.

Cooking Classes

It can almost be considered a rite of passage for a tourist to go to a cooking class in Vietnam, but Hoi An differs from the larger towns and cities in that it is less crowded, and less rushed when teaching how to cook than its metropolitan counterparts, which allows for a more deliberate slower pace, and even private lessons in some places. It’s worth getting a private lesson if you can, because in one-on-one sessions you can ask questions without worrying about slowing the class down or wasting any other person’s time.


Hoi An is littered with tailors, all over any and every marketplace. They’re known as the cheapest custom suits in the world, and yet the tailors absolutely know what they’re doing and their work is of a mid-to-high quality. If you prefer not to be inundated with people madly and loudly attempting to measure you up and sell you clothes, it might be an idea to stay away from the cloth market and instead search around the streets for a tailor that suits you (if you’ll forgive the pun).

Riverside Exploration

As Hoi An was once, and still is, a trading port, many of the shops and restaurants in front of, floating on, or otherwise stationed around the river. Many vendors and salespeople have set up shop there, and it’s worth a wander around the river area to get a look at what’s for sale, as well as what can’t be bought for any amount of money- a beautiful view of the river. The food is both delicious and interesting, as a combination of Vietnamese and French cuisines are found all over.

Hoi An’s historic nature makes it feel like an adventure and a privilege to explore, with buildings older than some countries scattered around the place, and many incredible sights, sounds, and smells. The food is divine, and cheap as chips comparatively, and you won’t find better suits for those prices anywhere else in the world, so it’s definitely worth a bit of time to stay and explore Hoi An if you find yourself in Vietnam.