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Summer Settings: A Spotlight On The Sprawling Beaches of Melbourne

Australia is world-renowned for its beaches, and while most of the glory goes to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Melbourne has its share of fantastic sunbathing spots all around. If you’re looking to find a place to live near one of these fantastic beaches, Marshall White Real Estate Agents in Brighton can help, and in the meantime we’ve got a list of the top beaches in Melbourne to pay a visit to this sizzling hot summer.

St Kilda

St Kilda is iconic as far as Australian beaches go. Luna Park’s huge face makes an appearance in almost every picture of St Kilda beach, as it is an icon of Melbourne, just as St Kilda beach is. The Esplanade hotel is just a short walk from the water, and a cold drink pairs well with a hot day on the sands of this timeless and stunning beach vista.


Almost everyone in Melbourne has seen the colourful bathing boxes on Brighton Beach, and they remain an icon almost as known as the St Kilda face of Luna Park. Brighton beach is a tourist destination, and as such is surrounded with restaurants and bars, cafes and shops. The beach itself is a 6 km long stretch of wonderfully clean, white sand, and is the perfect spot for a warm day out in summer, spring or autumn. The area around Brighton is dotted with op shops that are guaranteed to have a trinket or item you’ll want to buy, and all proceeds go to charity.


A getaway of a beach, Elwood is where the locals spend their time when they don’t wish to deal with the hustle and bustle of the touristy strip in front of St Kilda beach. Elwood is a 10-minute walk from St Kilda, and promises a more relaxed, easy day on the sand, as well as being cleaner and friendlier in some ways.

Black Rock

Half Moon Bay, so named for its shape, is the place to be if you find yourself in Black Rock. The bay is mainly using for boating, and if you have a boat it’s a good place to set sail. If you prefer a bit of a slower paced day at the beach, the pier is a great place to set down and spend the day fishing.

Mornington Beach

If you’re up for a drive, Mornington Beach is a great day trip. About an hour from the CBD, Mornington beach is a family-friendly haven with beautiful cliffs and crystal clear (if somewhat cold) waters for swimming. The tides and waves are small, and there are even some bathing boxes to be seen along the sand. The beachgoers are no more than a few minutes walk from Mornington Village, which is littered with cafes and restaurants to suit anybody’s hunger after a long day in the water.


Further again from the CBD, Rye is about a 20-minute trip from Mornington, but the destination is well worth the journey. A small town along the peninsula freeway, Rye is little more than a fish and chip shop, a few cafes, and an ice-cream parlor and a diner (not to mention some pretty good op shops), but the beach and the people are very memorable. The sand is clean, and a wide beach means plenty of room to spread out for everyone. The water is shallow and warm for quite a long way out, and there is little to no seaweed, meaning fewer of those heart-stopping accidental shark imaginings for anyone in the water.

Melbourne’s beaches are a thing of beauty, and all should be given a visit before settling on a favourite, although you might find it difficult to decide on one once you’ve seen them all.