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Five Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

Business cards have long been a tool used for networking and advertising. Handing out a card becomes a ritual for everyone from professionals at swanky parties to business owners to their customers – they’re an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

Nevertheless, the card’s usefulness is often overlooked even by those who are dealing them, often thought of as an afterthought in today’s digital age.

A Business Card Oozes Professionalism

Whether a taxi service handing out its phone number or a lawyer handing details to a client, a business card implies a sense of professionalism. It is difficult not to take a card and tuck it away in your wallet for when you need it. It seems almost rude – this card was designed, after all, for your convenience.

The Convenience is Undeniable

In these days of mobile phones and email addresses, trading all your details can be a real pain when you’re in a hurry, as we always are. Getting your phone out, finding the right bits of the screen to hit to add a new number, typing out names – it’s all awkward.

All you need to do is order some cards online from Your cards can have all the details you choose on them – emails address, phone number, name, job – everything anyone would need to know when they want to call you up.

Then all you need to do is pull the card out of your pocket it and hand it to them. They can update their phone at their leisure. It’s pure convenience.

It Can Remind Someone Who Had Otherwise Forgotten

The issue with putting someone’s number in your phone is that, when you are scrolling through that endless list of names, they rarely jump out at you. If you have a business card, you need just look in your wallet.

Better still, though, is that, should your chance encounter have slipped your mind, discovering that card in their wallet will quickly remind them. It’s a physical reminder of your meeting that doesn’t get lost in a sea of faceless names.

They Are Represented in Pop Culture

No matter what form of media you enjoy, business cards will definitely come up somewhere. There are slick professionals handing out cards all over television. Films are just as friendly to the business card, where cards are passed around between anyone from high-powered executives to police detectives.

There is a little bit of glamour behind a card, just that association with a particular professional demeanour.

They Stand Out

In a sea of people trying to give you their phone numbers, their email addresses, the one who hands you a card and smiles is the one that you remember. There’s no clumsiness, no awkward pauses, just a good first impression.

It’s clear the business cards are not going out of style any time soon. Their representation in society is a clear indicator of their continuing use. A card is an essential tool to a lot of people, providing both professional and personal networking opportunities to people in all walks of life.