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3 Useful Ways To Ensure You Can Afford An Expensive Purchase


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Sometimes, the things you want don’t match up with your bank balance. For instance, maybe you’re thinking about buying a car but don’t have the thousands of pounds required. Maybe you’re planning to take a big holiday soon but can’t pay for the airfare and accommodation. With Christmas coming up, you might even need some extra funds to pay for gifts and food.

Before you make any significant purchase, you need a way to pay for it. Of course, you should always consider whether it’s worth paying for in the first place. If it’s going to damage your bank balance, it better be justified! But if you really want to make that big purchase, here are some methods to handle it.

Take Out A Loan

When you’re buying something expensive, sometimes you need to borrow money. You’ll still pay it off- only in a more flexible timeframe. Personal loans are useful for when you need to spend a lot of money but don’t have it in your bank. People often use them for buying cars, paying for weddings, or even travelling.

Some people worry about how their credit affects their borrowing options. They might also be concerned about already having an outstanding loan. But there are always options available. For instance, even if you’re paying off a mortgage, you can get homeowner personal loans for any kind of purchase.

Unless you’re going to have the funds to pay it off soon, you should avoid payday loans. The interest rates on these loans rise fast. Personal loans give you a much longer time to pay them off with more affordable rates.

Save Up

If it’s practical, your first option should always be to save the money before buying something expensive. You might have to wait longer, but it can feel much more rewarding. You won’t have to concern yourself with the interest costs of loans, and you can pay off your purchase in full.

You’ll need to change your habit and find more ways to save money. It helps to put a portion of your paycheck aside each week into a savings account. You should also cut down on your spending and try to make your bills lower.

You may have to live a more frugal lifestyle for a while. Saving up for something big can be long and draining. But once the money’s in your bank and you’re able to pay for what you were waiting for, it’ll all be worth it.


More companies nowadays are offering financing options. Especially ones who expect customers to make big-money buys. For instance, car dealerships give you the option to pay off your vehicle over a long time. It gives you much more flexibility as you take on the purchase in affordable monthly payments.

Many retail stores also offer financing options these days. If you need to spruce up your house with new furniture, you can get it now and pay it off over the next year. Even if you want to go big on your Christmas shopping, you can cover the costs later.

You should also consider renting on any significant expense. Instead of looking into buying a house, consider renting an apartment. It’ll save you a lot of money, and you can approach buying once you improve your financial health. The same applies to leasing a car.