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Being Sued? Here’s How to Survive the Ordeal

Whether you run a business or you’re just an innocent bystander being sued for something ridiculous, survival is probably the first thing on your mind. Your opposition might be making ludicrous demands for something that you simply can’t provide, and you might not even be at fault depending on the situation. If you refuse to back down and plead guilty, then it’s time to take control of your legal situation. Here’s a guide on how you can survive legal bullies and ridiculous lawsuits against you.


What to remember

You have to hire a lawyer. Don’t try to represent yourself in court because finding a good lawyer is much easier than it used to be and there are some highly specialised lawyers around the world that are capable of more than just handling your case as it comes. They can give you advice and since they have a lot of experience with cases that are related to your problem, they’ll know every situation you can get into and how to win.

Hiring a lawyer isn’t the only concern. You also need to hire court recorders to write down and record everything that’s being said in case the lawsuit takes place over several courtroom appearances. You can get an accurate recording of what is being said and have it transcribed to text as it happens so you’ll never miss a word that is being spoken.

What to avoid

Never admit that you’re the one in the wrong because it is an immediate loss of your case. No matter the circumstances, you must never tell the judge or anyone related to the case that you are at fault. If you have mixed feelings or you’re confused at what really happened, then share it with your own lawyer or attorney but never discuss it with the opposition or anyone that isn’t directly involved with the case. Your lawyer is representing you in court, so don’t make their job harder by adding more information to the case that could negatively affect your chances of winning.

You also have to keep track of all the documents that you’re being given by both the lawyer and the court. Never throw these documents away. Buy a simple bag or folder and keep all the paperwork safe so that you can access it whenever needed. Many court cases are won off information alone and proof, not arguments and debates.

Emotional support

Being sued is not fun. You’re going to need all the emotional support you can get from friends and family members if you want to survive the ordeal. You can bring family members with you to your hearings, but keep in mind that if they stand up and speak loudly while you are in court, it could harm your chances of victory and they will most likely be removed from the courtroom.

It’s important that you never underestimate the emotional impact that being in a courtroom can have on you. You have to keep your emotions suppressed so that you don’t scream or shout during court, and you need to keep a straight face to maintain an air of professionalism.