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Be The Realer Dealer, Not A Wheeler Dealer

The car industry is booming, and unless they invent flying cars, people will always need to get from A to B. And although trends predicted that the used car industry would grind to a halt, it has never been in ruder health. This might still be a hangover from the recession, but also the car manufacture incentive schemes developed by governments around the world may have something to do with it. Whether you are new to the world of business, or you have a bunch of cars to get rid of, there are some tricks you can have up your sleeve to stop you turning into the stereotypical used car salesman.

Appeal To The Customer’s Sensibilities

It is essential to a customer that you are acting in their best interests. People have a distrust of car salesmen anyway, so what can you do to remedy that? Staff that have a background in customer service, as well as sales (a notable difference), can tread a fine line between getting that sale but actually give the customer what they want, which is someone who knows what they are talking about, can help them quickly, and actually speak the truth. So many sales are lost due to a lack of communication, so work with the customer and develop a dialogue that is friendly and casual. Pressure is the wrong way to go about making a sale, and with selling used cars, the goal is to get on the road for as cheap as possible without the engine falling out a few yards down the road! Developing a good relationship with a customer is being overlooked in the world of ecommerce, and this is one of the few areas where an earnest personality will serve you in good stead.

Acquire A Good Space

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It’s all about having somewhere to store the cars, but it’s all about the location too. Many car dealerships operate out of town in industrial estates, which can be difficult for those who don’t have access to a car! You also need adequate space for when car transporter firms make their deliveries. The trucks are large, and they can hold quite a few cars, so you need the room for the vehicles to be set down. So, as a location, the closer you can get to a main road, or to a city center, the better it will be for access, and that means you will have more “foot traffic.” In other words, people may be more inclined to stop by if it is near to them or they are passing through.

Join The 21st Century


Competing with online services means you have to work harder to get your voice heard, and so many used car dealerships suffer from being a throwback to the 1970’s, just without the handlebar mustaches. So spend some time on your website, employ SEO techniques to get good results in the search engines, and create an app which interacts with customers. The more information they can find out before setting foot into the dealership, the more likely they are to purchase from you.