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Expert Tips to Make Spring Cleaning More Enjoyable

Spring cleaning is a necessary thing to do, even when you think you don’t have that much to clean. It is always a good idea to give the house a thorough cleaning every now and then. You can also do a full inspection to find possible problems – such as mould or leaks – while cleaning corners that aren’t normally used or accessed.

The whole activity doesn’t have to be dull and tiring. There are actually ways to make spring cleaning immensely enjoyable.

Start from the Top

Whenever you are cleaning a part of the house, always start from the top. Let’s say you have a cabinet on top of a rug; if you can’t remove the rug first, make sure you tackle cleaning the cabinet before vacuuming the rug under it. The same approach can be applied to almost every part of the house.

Cleaning from top to bottom will help speed things up. You don’t have to repeatedly clean the floor or rug, plus you can be more thorough with furniture and appliances. You can also deal with dust and stains more effectively this way.

Water Is Your Friend

You don’t always have to use a cleaning solution to clean the house. There are times when water or a damp cloth is all it takes for a good cleaning. This helps make the cleaning process more enjoyable, since you don’t have to wear a special mask or deal with the lingering smell of cleaning agents afterwards.

Water can be used to clean walls, cabinets, baseboards and even furniture in general. You just have to know how to use it. To clean walls, use a wet towel to wash away any dust or dirt. For finished surfaces, damp cloth is usually the better option.

Have a Bit of Fun

Just because you’re cleaning the house, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. There are ways to turn spring cleaning into fun activities; more importantly, it is possible to turn cleaning into activities for the entire family.

You can do some cleaning while doing a movie marathon or playing games. Ladbrokes even provide a special Spring Cleaning bingo page for those who need to make it more fun. You can also get your partner involved and work on the same room together to speed things up.

Smarter Vacuuming

This next one will definitely delight those who vacuum a lot. You don’t actually have to remove furniture items completely to vacuum a room thoroughly. Instead of moving furniture off the carpet or the floor, simply drag them a little to the side, vacuum the area previously covered, and then drag the furniture item to the opposite side to repeat the process. You can do the same with furniture items that aren’t covering big areas of the floor.

This will not only save a lot of time, but will also make spring cleaning a lot more manageable. Once you know how to do the tasks in hand effectively – and apply the tips we just discussed in this article – you will find spring cleaning more enjoyable and less time consuming.