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Car Reviews

Mercedes Benz EQC 400

The new fully electric Mercedes EQC 400 is an elegant and comfortable family SUV, with an adventurous sporty flare. In the recent spike in fuel prices, it is no surprise that many people will be turning to electric cars as a new normal in the coming...

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Business Profiles

E3 Metals Corp: Clean Clearwater

Electricity: our modern world relies on it. Yet, even in power cuts, when we’re at home, we’re barely affected like we used to be. Why? We’re surrounded by devices powered by batteries. From household items to renewable power stations and electric...

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Coffee Break

Everything to Know About Car Batteries

It’s not necessarily a glamorous topic, but car batteries are important to understand because they quite literally keep your vehicle running. Having an understanding of car batteries can help you avoid finding yourself in a difficult situation. The...

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