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6 Tips For The Maintenance Of Your CBD Vape Pen

Are you tired of constantly replacing your CBD vape pen due to its poor maintenance? Worried that failure to maintain it correctly will lead to a decrease in performance and product lifetime? Vaporizers are a great way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD without taking pills or using other, more complicated methods of consumption. However, these devices can be delicate and require regular maintenance and upkeep.


In this article, we explore the 6 top tips for maintaining your CBD Vape Pen so you can ensure its longevity. From regularly cleaning out your tank and atomizer heads to making sure new parts are compatible with your device – read on as we discuss these insider secrets from experienced vapers.


Here are 6 tips for the maintenance of your CBD vape pen.


1. Clean your tank regularly

The tank is the part of the vape pen that holds the liquid. Regularly cleaning your CBD vape pen and its tank can not only extend the life of the device but will also ensure that your vaping experience is consistently pleasurable. It’s essential to thoroughly clean your tank, focusing on all components, including the mouthpiece, the glass, and the coil.


A quick way to clean all of these parts is to use a cotton swab and a bowl of warm water. This simple but effective method allows you to wipe away dirt, dust, debris, and any residue that may still be present from e-liquid usage. Cleaning every element of your vape pen and tank keeps it functioning efficiently for longer.


2. Change your coils frequently

Coils are small metal pieces that heat up when activated, allowing you to inhale vaporized CBD oil from the device. Coils help control and heat the inhaled liquid, allowing for a smooth, enjoyable experience. Over time, coils can become clogged with residue from oil use or just general wear and tear. When it comes to maintaining your CBD vape pen and getting the best performance, one critical step is to change your coils frequently.


Changing your coils roughly every 3-4 weeks will help ensure you don’t taste burnt oil when vaping and avoid dry hits – no matter the brand you use or how heavy of a user you are! Stocking up on replacement coils before they run out is essential to keeping your vape pen functioning correctly and at its peak.


3. Keep your battery charged

Keeping your CBD vape pen battery fully charged should be on your vaping maintenance list. Vaping is a convenient and effective way to get your daily dose of CBD, and it’s essential to ensure you don’t run out of power during use. The type of CBD vape pen battery you own will determine how you charge it; some may be able to plug into any USB port, while others may require you to purchase a separate charging device.


Whichever type you have, ensure you read the instructions with the device to remain informed about how and when to charge it – overcharging or discharging can lead to severe damage. Once plugged in, keep track of the charging progress so that once complete, you can unplug the device, ensure any lights are operational and swap it out for a new one if needed. Your simple battery-charging routine will help keep your CBD vape pen in peak condition!


4. Don’t overfill

Overfilling your CBD vape pen can lead to problems such as a cracked tank or faulty cartridge. To ensure your vaping experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, it is essential to remember not to overfill your pen when you are filling it with oil. When you add the oil, ensure it reaches just below the bottom of the inside edge of the tank and stop there; do not fill above that point. If too much oil is added, it can cause leaks or complete blockages, leading to an unpleasant experience when using your vape pen. Taking this extra care helps protect your vape’s inner components from unnecessary damage, which could render it useless and potentially more costly in the long run.


5. Avoid high temperatures

Keeping your CBD vape pen away from high temperatures is essential for its longevity and performance. If the device gets too hot, it can significantly reduce the battery life, which would impact the device’s overall functionality. High temperatures can cause damage to both the battery and coil over time, so make sure that you don’t leave your device in direct sunlight or other areas prone to high temperatures for too long! Keeping the vape pen out of direct sunlight is crucial, as the sun can easily cause heat to build up quickly.


Additionally, keeping it away from open heat sources such as an oven or furnace can eliminate the risk of accidental overheating and ensure maximum performance each time you use it. Whenever possible, store your oil pens in a cool, dry place so that minimal risk of damage exists and you experience optimal results.