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6 Useful Maintenance Tips For Every Chevy Owner

As a Chevy owner and lover, you know how important your car is to you. Keeping it in tip-top shape is of the utmost importance in life. Like our bodies, keeping in good health helps us go for longer. Your Chevy is much the same. With the proper care, you could probably get over 200 000 miles out of your revving baby.

There are six simple maintenance tips that every Chevy owner should know. These simple tips will help you keep an eye on the performance of your vehicle, catch problems quickly, and fix minor issues before they turn into something costly or major.

Keeping your Chevy running smoothly doesn’t have to give you anxiety – the below six tips will help you do just that without breaking the bank or even a sweat!

  1. Leak Check

Next time you reverse out of a parking spot, check the ground under where your car had been parked. Any form of fluid collection or puddle can indicate a serious fluid leak. All leaks need to get inspected as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary charges further down the line.

If you’re in a shopping center, be sure that the leak is coming from your car and not someone else’s before you hit a panic. Ask your favorite mechanic to pop under and have a look if you’re not sure – leaks are well worth the inspection charges.

  1. Tire Inspection

Checking your tires often should be a habit – if it’s not, make it one.

Always check that your tires are inflated to the correct and recommended pressure levels for your Chevy. Under or overinflated tires can cause havoc when you’re on the road and often lead to damaged tires or roadside breakdowns.

If your car has damaged tires, its road handling capabilities will be severely compromised – which may result in an accident. Walk around your vehicle regularly and check your tires for tread depth, bulges, and punctures.

Have your tires rotated regularly to ensure that they wear down evenly – that simple tip can prolong their life and save you serious cash.

  1. Regular Service Intervals

Apart from checking your fluid levels monthly, your car needs a more in-depth inspection by a professional. Put your trust in factory-trained and experienced mechanics and technicians and get them to service your car as often as required.

By sticking to the service schedule, you will ensure that your Chevy is safe and reliable. It will also save you loads of money on avoidable repairs – and who doesn’t need that? Just ask the friendly team at Wolfe GMC Calgary for tips on where to have your Chevy serviced.

  1. Clean Your Car Often

A clean car isn’t just for show. For many folks out there, having a clean car isn’t a priority for some insane reason. If you need a little convincing yourself, read on! Aside from avoiding embarrassing situations when you need to drop off a friend, colleague, or even a date (eek) – having a clean car will help it last longer.

Dirty cars can accumulate damage over time, leading to a reduction in value when it comes time to sell them and buy a newer model. Clean cars can even save you up to two miles per gallon of fuel. There are so many reasons to keep your Chevy clean – and if you don’t already, there is no time like the present to start.

  1. Maintain Fluid Levels

It is recommended to inspect your car’s fluid levels once a month to ensure the fluids are clean and of adequate supply. Six crucial fluid levels require checking. These are brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and transmission fluid.

The transmission fluid only gets used in automatic cars, so if yours is a stick shift – don’t waste your time searching for it!

  1. Read The Manual

As foreign of a concept as this may seem to some men – when all else fails, read the manual! All the information you could ever need about your precious Chevy is in there, from maintenance intervals to part replacements and inspection checklists.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s what your trusty Chevy guide is there for.

By sticking to the factory-recommended service schedule and by only using approved providers to maintain your vehicle, it will serve you well for many years. By taking care of your Chevy, your Chevy can take care of you and your family.